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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Hard Time is based on a story idea from Ladyvirgo.

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Spike rolled over in the small, narrow, hard, institutional bed and he
wondered if he had somehow ended up in one of his cells.
He was groggy and gratefully still full of pain medication. He could
vaguely recall the ambulance ride to the hospital and the doctor who
examined him. After that, everything had seemed an odd combination
of slow motion and rapid action.

The pain, when it had finally kicked in, had been incredible. Every inch of
his left side felt as though it were shattered and each fleeting, light touch
of the doctor's fingers sent waves of agony shooting through him. He
had not been too proud to scream.

Finally after hours/seconds, a lovely, matronly nurse had hustled in and
slipped an IV into his good arm.

Instantly, the cold rush of morphine slid through his veins bringing him
blissful relief and a semi-sleep state where no hurt or unhappiness lived.
Spike had no memory of the surgery, but as he slowly came around, he
was aware that it was morning and he had tightly taped ribs and a huge,
heavy cast on his left arm.

His brain was full of smoke and shadows and he felt as though he were
stumbling around in there seeking familiar points of reference as he tried
to remember what had happened to put him here.
He desperately needed a cigarette.

"Well, look here. Are we awake?"

Spike squinted at the huge sumo nurse that stomped into his room and
loomed at the side of his bed, casting a giant shadow over his smaller frame.

"Um, yes? I mean, yes. We are awake. Well, I'm awake and I assume
since you are here, you're awake too."

Lifting a paw in his direction, Spike flinched till, the large hand gently
brushed the hair back from his forehead. The compassion in her voice
belied her ominous presence.
"You had a really bad day, didn't you, Hon?'

Bad day? Spike forced himself to ignore the splitting headache and
concentrate. He had almost convinced himself that he had been in a car
accident but the tone in Nurse Buxom's voice lent other indications.

Suddenly, a semi-truck with failed brakes and carrying a cargo shipment
of horrible memories, crashed into his brain and Spike sat bolt upright.
The full day, spelled out in flashing color images, exploded behind his
eyes like fireworks.

And the color he saw was red. Blood red. Flowing, pooling, running
and pumping forth from a pile of bodies that didn't move.

"Angel! Where's Angel?"

"Whoa, easy, Hon."
Quickly and soothingly, the nurse placed a hand on his chest and encouraged
him to lie back. The draining, piercing pain co-signed on that idea and
with a moan, he eased down.

"The other guard? He's all right. Well, not exactly all right, but he is alive
and stable. Your Doctor Walker saved his life by packing and immobilizing
the knife that was stuck in him. If it had move even a fraction of an inch in
either direction, it would have hit his heart. The surgery was long and his
recovery will take some time, but his prognosis is very good."

"And the inmates?"

The nurse was unsure as to what his feelings toward them were so she
kept her voice unemotional and simply gave him the facts.

"Inmate McDaniels, the one who apparently did the stabbing, was killed
by a gun shot fired from the tower. Inmate Brown was touch and go for
a while. The bullet struck him in the spine and although he will live, he
will be paralyzed from the waist down for life. The state investigators
have been talking to him both last night and this morning. They are
keeping his statements very hush hush but I get the impression he is
cooperating with the authorities fully."

Spike nodded and struggled to keep his eyelids open. Ultimately, he failed
and he yawned. He closed his eyes and dozed off as the heavy nurse smiled
and continued to pet his forehead.

The next time he opened his eyes, it was late and he was aware that he
was not alone. Turning his head to the side, he noticed Faith standing
by the window with her arms folded across herself. She had an odd
expression on her face and she looked at him sadly.

"How long have you been here?"
"Just an hour or so. How are you feeling?'

Spike took a mental inventory and although stiff and sore, he actually
wasn't in all that much pain and thankfully his mind was clearing and
he was able to think.

"I'm o.k. In fact, I'm brilliant. So tell me, what is the fallout back at
good old Riverview?"

Faith saw Spike squiggle around trying to sit up so she stuffed a couple pillows
behind his back and pushed the button to raise the head of the bed.

"Are you kidding? Haven't you watched the news?"

Spike could see the lovely light of "have I got some gossip for you" in her
green eyes and he laughed.
"No, been a bit out of it. So what's happening?"

Faith grabbed a small chair and pulled it up alongside the bed, anxious
to share, like old times. She had missed her friend.

"Well. Leroy Brown has been locked in a room with the Feds for hours
and the word is that he is singing like a drunk blond at karaoke night. We
don't have the particulars but Warden Rupert Giles himself was escorted
from the prison and put on administrative leave during the investigation.
Nobody can figure out what his connection is, but I do know that a bigwig
from the State Police was in the operating room for Angel's surgery to take
charge of the shank as evidence. Someone that saw it swears that it is
one from the locked file in our own contraband case of weapons."

Spike was stunned.
"What? How the hell did they get it? They don't suspect Giles of...."

Faith just grinned and raised her eyebrows.
"Apparently, consensus is that he isn't looking forward to his future son-in-law
joining the family."

Spike laughed and promised himself that tomorrow he would shuffle down
the hall to see how Liam was doing.

Standing up, Faith pushed back her chair.
"Hey, I gotta go. Some of us poor slobs still have to go to work so you
malingerers can lie about. Oh, shit, I almost forgot. Your cousin Wesley
has been trying to get hold of you. He called the prison and I talked to
him. He said he will stop in and see you about.....THAT MATTER."
Faith dramatically made air quote signs with her fingers.

Spike lit up. Xander! 'It must be good news.' He thought. 'It has
to be!'

Before she left, Spike called to her.
"How's Xander?"

Faith briefly considered not answering, but he was still her partner.
"Harris is fine. All the inmates are still on lockdown."

Spike hated what he was about to do.
"Faith would you tell him....."
"No, Spike, I won't."

Spike nodded. He understood.
"O.k. Thanks for coming."
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