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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Hard Time is based on a story idea from Ladyvirgo.

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.

Surprise visitors.

On the morning of the third day after the riot, Spike was able to sit up
and, using one hand, feed himself a delightful cup of orange jello. His
ribs still ached when he breathed but he knew how lucky he was and
refused to complain. His arm hurt like a bitch.

He had been following the unfolding reports of the prison uprising on the
news channels and planned to trot down the hall to visit Angel. The nurse
said Liam was still on bed confinement and Spike knew he was probably
ready to climb the walls.

At 10:00 am, the door to Spike's room burst open and Wesley, with a
young man in tow charged in. Spike's eyes lit up and he shoved his tray aside.

"Wesley, goddamn it, where have you been? What the fuck is happening?
What did you fine out? Who is.......wait a fucking minute! Is that who the
fuck I think it is? You brought that fucking shit head here?"

Spike immediately started to climb out of bed, fully intending to club to
death the weasel that had stood by while his Xander was sentenced to life.

Quickly, Wesley stepped in between them as Jessie took a tentative
back step toward the door.
"William! Stop it. Sit your nearly naked arse back in that bed and let us

Spike scowled, giving both his visitors the evil eye that he hoped they
took as a threat. Jesse did. Wesley snorted.

"Now if you are finished, I believe we have some news for you. Mr. James
here has accompanied me this very morning to a meeting in the chambers
of Judge Ethel Spies and the City Prosecutor. He has given full testimony
as to his situation. Due to the extenuating circumstances and under the
threat of his life, both he and Alexander Harris have been cleared of all
charges. There is one condition of this court action. None of the parties
involved is permitted to discuss it until the papers of release can be prepared.
It should take no more than two days."

Spike let out a whoop of joy. The only part of Wesley's long winded
speech he really cared about was the part that said Xander would be free.
Two days.
He would be released by then and they would both be free.

"Get your fucking arse over here and give me a hug. You are a hell of a
fucking lawyer, you know that? It was worth whatever you charge me."

Wesley complied and threw his arms around Spike carefully.
When he pulled back, he sat on the edge of the bed and, smiling, reached
out his hand for Jesse to join them.

"Actually, William, there will be no charge as we have some other news
also. I am giving up my practice and starting a new business. Jesse here
has agreed to be my partner and we are going to be bounty hunters."

Jesse leaned down and kissed Wesley softly on the lips.
"Rogue bounty hunters, Wes."

Spike sputtered. There were more wrongs in that statement than words, but
what the fuck. He had fallen in love with one of his inmates so who was he
to judge.

At Jesse's tugging insistence, Wesley jumped to his feet.
"Yes, well, I'm sure you need your rest and Mr. James and I have some,
ah, particulars regarding our alliance to iron out, so we will be going."

Jesse winked. An expression totally unnecessary as Spike knew the
blush on Wesley's face to be a dead give away. All he could do was
laugh and call out his thanks as the two men hurried out the door.
Spike wished desperatly he could call Xander and give him the news.

Down the hall, Angel groaned and tried to shift slightly, hoping to relieve
the pressure on his back and hips. He had been in and out of awareness
since the stabbing and was told he would not be allowed out of the bed for
another five days.
He thanked God the catheter had been inserted before he woke up.

"Good morning, Liam."
Angel's head snapped to the side and he blinked, trying to focus on who
was entering his room. With his eyes starting at the floor, he noted the
ugly, sensible shoes, moved up to the knee length grey skirt, the hand
holding the briefcase, the loose white blouse buttoned up to her neck,
the black glasses and the hair tied back in a bun.


Sitting at his bedside, she slapped the briefcase up by his leg and
unsnapped the lock. That's when he finally got a good look at her
face and terror and confusion shot through his brain. Angel wondered
if he wasn't still sleeping and suffering a drug induced nightmare.

"Of course it's me. I was told you were sufficiently recovered to engage
in a rational conversation."

Angel sputtered and stammered.
"What? How? Who?"

Buffy sighed, disgusted at his lack of comprehension.
"I can see you are confused so let me spell it out for you. This damn trust
fund that I have been waiting on has several stipulations that I have been
unable to work around. Therefore I found it preferable to continue playing
the bimbo act for my step-father rather than tip him off and possibly lose
even more of my assets before my 21st birthday. He had no idea I had
continued my studies at night school and earned my bachelor's in economics.
Now, unfortunately there is no codicil referencing a change if he is convicted
of a felony. The main requirement of marriage still remains. Therefore, I
still need you and you still need me. Now, I have brought along a marriage
license for your signature, and I have secured the services of a Justice of
the Peace to marry us here, in your room, tomorrow. I frankly refuse to
waste thousands of dollars on a showy ceremony."

Buffy slapped a pen and the license out. With shaky hands, he signed.
Efficiently she returned both to her briefcase, snapped it shut and rose to
leave. Angel was still totally bewildered as to what had just happened.

"Yeah, but what? How? Who?"

Buffy sighed in disgust.
"It's not that difficult, Liam. We get married, I get my inheritance, you get
a lifestyle and an allowance and we are both happy. Of course you will
be required to keep receipts and be subject to regular audits, and the
pre-nup that Giles so expertly drafted is very much in effect. Now, I
have some plans to finalize so I'll see you tomorrow for the vows."

Buffy straightened her skirt and headed for the door, stopping at the last minute.
"Oh, and Liam?
"You know that thing I do with my tongue? The one you like so much?"
"Well, I won't be doing that anymore."

Then, as one final slap in his face, Angel glanced down at her butt as she reached
for the door handle and noticed the outline of something that sent shockwaves
of horror coursing through his body.


Angel moaned and rolled over. He suddenly felt weak and lightheaded.
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