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LFS w/a particular Christmas scene

Looking for a fic that I know I've read many times and is on my hard drive (along with about 300 other spander fics) but I've spent three days looking and I just can't figure out which one it is! It's not a Christmas-themed fic from beginning to end, but the second half of the fic has Christmassy stuff in it.

In the second half of the fic, Spike and Xander are together. Xander tells Spike they should both get everyone kickass Xmas presents, and Spike scoffs. But Xander explains that he understands how Spike has done everything to get his Sire's attention, even sticking him with hot pokers, to no avail. He suggests that they send Angel and his gang really lovely, expensive, beautifully wrapped presents with a lot of thought behind them, because it will drive Angel crazy trying to figure out what they're up to. Spike runs with the idea and wraps everything in fancy heavy cream wrapping paper with gold ribbon. He also saves and files away the gift receipts so if Angel shows up and assumes they stole everything, he can wave the receipts in Angel's face.

They get Cordelia lots of expensive real silk lingerie, and Doyle a bottle of good Irish Whiskey with a card with a Gaelic Xmas wish written in it, and Wes receives a rare demon text he'd been looking for for years and a card with a demon blessing written in it - something like "May your blood never run in waste upon the ground." I think Gunn gets a set of hand-carved stakes in all sorts of different kinds of wood. Spike and Xander also get nice gifts for all the scoobies, including getting Buffy some nice hardbound copies of classic books that will bore her to tears but that Giles very much approves of for her. And Spike gets Giles a new cut-glass decanter to replace the one he broke when he was staying in the watcher's house.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? Because it's the Christmas season and I'm really in the mood to read this one again!
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