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poem: Simple wonders

Title : Simple Wonders
Author : sablerose2
Pairing : Spike & Xander
Rating : none
Author Note's : Any and all drabbles and poems I send out would make me and my muse happy if anyone would like to add to it or make a story of it or just make a WP. Just feel free to run with any and all. But most of all PLEASE have FUN!!!
Disclaimer : My poem but the boys belong to someone else no money made
Archive : yes if you want take just let me know that's all I ask and I'm easy too
Summary : This is from a word prompt that was sent out please don't blame me I just write the words that come to me
Spoiler : none
Beta: My best friend Val thank you for finding and fixing my missed spelled words and anything else the needs it :D
Fandoms: I don't put any fandom as I think ( and I could be wrong )that my poems will fit anyone of them.
Feedback: Is good I like feedback and it makes my muse dance and chase plot bunny's 
Ok here we go
Standing in the falling snow
watching as the colors come
and go.
Dancing in the colored lights,
red, blue, green and white
makes a magical sight.
Smiling eyes happy in this
simple sight, wonders in his
boyish delight.
Standing in the falling snow
makes this black heart glow,
knowing that it's not for show.
As brown eyes shining bright,
showing his love in the simple
wonders of this sight standing
in these colored lights.
Happy Holidays every one   
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