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Hard Time

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander (of course)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bad language and explicit sexual m/m activity.
Summary: Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent
to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in
this story and sadly, make no profit.
Hard Time is based on a story idea from Ladyvirgo.

This is the last chapter of a long story and I want to thank everyone who
read, commented and stuck with me so faithfully. Your time is valuable
and the fact that you spent some of it with me means the world.
See you in January for a new adventure!

Thanks to the amazing Petxnd for the banner.


The C.O's voice caused Xander to awake with a start, nearly toppling from
his bunkbed. He immediately jumped to his feet in a desperate panic.
"NO! Fuck! NO! I was out. I was free! LET ME OUT!"

Xander began pounding on the steel door and screaming frantically. Quickly,
Oz ran over and tried to shut him up, grabbing for his flailing fists.

"Damn! Stop it, Xan! You'll get the fucking guards down here and they
will hit first and ask questions later. Stop it"!

Xander continued to yell and beat his hands on the unyielding door as Oz
tried grabbing and holding his arms at this sides.

"Stop it. Xander. Xan, Love, wake up. Wake up, Xan"
With a jerk, Xander's eyes popped open and he looked up into the
loving concern of Spikes' safe blue ones.

'The dream. It was only the dream. Just the damn dream.'
He told himself repeatedly as he tried to slow the pounding of his heart
and felt the sweat cool on his body.

"You o.k. now? Was it the same one?"
Xander nodded at Spike's soft gentle voice.

"Yeah," He gave a weak chuckle. "Guess nightmare monsters come
in all shapes and forms. Shit you wouldn't think it could still scare me
so bad after all these months."

Spike laid on his side facing the man he loved. His own physical injuries
had healed much more quickly than Xander's emotional ones and it broke
his heart.
"What can I do to help?"
"Just talk to me, Spike. Ground me so I know you are real and the
nightmare isn't."

Spike kissed Xander lightly on the lips. "I can do that."
Xander relaxed slightly as he pushed and nudged till Spike took the
hint and rolled over, his back to Xander's chest.

Then he smiled as he remembered something that might lighten the mood.
"Do you still miss Oz?"

Xander frowned, wondering if Spike was still a little jealous.
"Yeah, some. He was a good friend."
"Well, then, I forgot to tell you. I gave him a new cell mate yesterday and
wouldn't you just know it? Rupert Giles is one hell of a spooner."

"Ex-warden Giles?"
Xander blew out the tension in his body and laughed as he started to relax.
He then leaned forward and kissed the blond gently between the shoulder
blades. Spike moaned at the feel of the erection that was beginning to
grow and press against his butt crack. Xander wrapped his arm around
the smaller man's body.

"Keep talking, Spike."
He whispered softly, now kissing the back of his neck.

"Huh? Oh, sure, um, well, I talked to Wes and he said it looks like the
State is going to make an offer to settle your wrongful conviction suit. Oh,
he and Jesse are headed to Cleveland to track a big money bounty.
Wes thinks it will be....oh, that feels good."

Xander's ears heard the words, but his brain discarded them as unimportant.
"Oh, yeah?" He nuzzled his nose in the back of Spike's soft, ungelled hair.

Spike shuddered at the feel of the large hands that had blistered then
calloused upon returning to the physical labor of construction. His fingers
gently brushed over Spike's nipples, then pressing harder as they wandered
down over his flat stomach to scratch his nest of crisp blond curls.

Spike reached down and adjusted his growing cock, giving it room to stretch.
Xander wrapped his hand around Spikes' and together they squeezed the
fat, fleshy meat that was sending signals of 'want' and 'need' to Spike's brain.

Just as Spike had started to hump, sliding his cock in and out of Xanders'
fist, Xander disappointed him by removing his hand from the heated flesh.

"Xan, please, don't play. Don't tease."

Xander again kissed his lover lightly down his spine and smiled as the
violent shudder ran through Spike's body.
"Oh, I'm not playing. I mean business."

Xander's rough, strong hand slid down the soft back, leaving a trail of warmth
in it's wake. It grazed over the swell of Spike's firm round butt cheeks, then,
his middle finger slid between them and flicked over the tight, wrinkled hole.
He then patted and pushed on the underside of Spike's thigh.
"Lift your leg, Baby."

"Yeah, Xan."
Spike raised his top knee up toward his chest, opening himself up and he
pressed his hand between his legs feeling the growing urgency.

"So nice. So good."
Spike's new angle gave Xander's hand access to the back of his lover's
sac and the soft skin behind it, which he rubbed and tickled then cupped
the balls, weighing them as they grew heavier. Xander leaned forward and
clamped his teeth down on Spike's shoulder. Although not breaking the
skin, it was a show of dominance that got the expected response.
Spike's body jerked, his hips canted back and his breathing turned ragged.
"Fuck, Xan."

Xander chuckled at the pathetic tone in his lover's voice.
"You stopped talking. Come on, Baby, tell me what you are going to do today."

"I'm going to beat you with my billy club if you don't fuck me, that's what."

Spike quickly grabbed the lube and passed it over his shoulder.
Xander wanted to tease him. Ask him what that was for and maybe make
him beg, but not this time. Not now. Everything in Xander craved the deep
warmth, security and tight pleasure that he found inside Spike.

With his left arm immobilized under Spike's head, Xander was no stranger
to working single handedly. He quickly inserted the tube between Spike's
cheeks and squeezed a blob of warming oil into his tight hole. Spikes'
hips instinctively began humping.

"Oh, Baby wants fucked."
Xander wet his fingers in the oil as he slipped one fingertip inside. Spikes'
ass slammed back and he sighed as the finger slid in further. Immediately,
Spike started whimpering and wriggling his hips as he tried to force the
intruding digit to seek out and rub the deep, special spot that would send
shockwaves of pleasure rocketing through his body.

Xander pulled out and, without pause, shoved two back in. He hurriedly
stretched the willing hole open to relax it. He wanted to give his lover what he
needed, but not with his hands.

"Are you ready for me? Do you need me?"
Xander whispered puffs of hot air against Spike's cool skin. He had again pulled
out his fingers and was quickly lubing up his cock. The questions were rhetorical.
Even if Spike would have answered, Xander couldn't hear over the buzzing in
his ears and the lack of blood to his brain.

When Spike felt the thick spongy, mushroom head press against his resistant
hole, he leaned forward and lifted his leg higher.
"Push it in. Push it deep. Hell, yes. Fuck me."

The second his cock breached Spike's hole, Xander tucked his forearm under
Spike's leg. He pulled his lover back as he pressed forward and the hot, rock
hard cock slid in at just the perfect angle to bump Spike's swollen spot.

Spike squeezed his eyes shut and clamped his hole tightly around the wonderful
intrusion. His whole body reacted to the burning ache that filled his bowels and
his heart by equal measure. For a brief moment, his own cock was forgotten
as he gripped handfuls of the cool cotton sheets.

Soon, however, it again took his attention when his slit rubbed the inside of his
leg, leaving a slimy streak in it's wake. Spike coated the palm of his hand in
the slick precum and began stroking himself as his lover grunted and quietly
cursed with each thrust of his cock in and out of the snug opening.

The sounds they made were no longer coherent words, only syllables, consonants
strung together in a series that the other interpreted and understood completely.
The bed rocked with their motion, squeaked and moved in time with their
passion while Xander's cock slammed and pumped into Spike's sore, happy

Spike felt it all first. He sucked in and held a lungful of oxygen when his balls
began tingling and drawing up. At the same time Xander's movements became
faster, deeper, more erratic. Both knew they were on the brink of ecstasy
and without hesitation, they tumbled in, washed away on a flood of warm
love and hot sperm. It filled Spike's body and overflowed his hand, wetting
the bed as it dripped off his fingers and out of his ass.

Xander snuggled in closer and made no attempt to pull his deflating member
from it's squishy sheath. He knew when it shriveled enough, it would slip out
on it's own. Till then he was perfectly content.

When it did slide out, Spike rolled over on his other side. Xander's eyes were
closed and his face slack, looking for all the world like a man deep in sleep but
Spike knew better. The small smile at the corner of his lips gave him away.

"I love you, Xander."

Xander's smile grew and his brown eyes slowly opened, locking with the blue
ones just inches away.

"I love you, too. I guess I am just a prisoner of love."

Spike groaned at the corny line that was absolutely Xander and decided to match
it with one of his own.

"That makes two of us, Xan. Both serving life."

The end.

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