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Sexy Vampire

Author: kitty_alex
Title: Sexy Vampire
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: Xander forgets his slaying supplies and finds himself being chased by a vampire while Buffy is out of town.
Warning: Vamp!Xander
Notes: This was something I wrote after seeing this one video on youtube. It kind of screamed out "SPANDER!" to me.

Xander ran fast through the town, knowing that the vampire chasing him was right behind him. It was stupid of him to think that just because Buffy had killed the Master meant there weren’t any vampires in town. He shouldn’t have forgotten his cross at Willow’s and even though it hadn’t been proven, he carried a small piece of garlic, but of course he had forgotten that at home.

He turned into an alley and checked over his shoulder to see if the vampire was still following him, of course, that wasn’t the smartest thing to do because he would have saw the alley didn’t have an outlet if he was looking. Also, if he was looking, he would have seen said wall and not ran full force into it. He gasped and fell over.

Footsteps resonated in the alley and Xander crawled back until his back was flat against the wall. Through the darkness he squinted around for something that he could use as a weapon against his pursuer. He couldn’t find anything that would even make a remotely good weapon. He stopped searching when the footsteps stopped. He looked up to see the sexiest man he had ever seen in his entire life. Of course, Xander hadn’t seen or been attracted to many men, but this one was an exception.

The man had pale yellow hair that was almost white, it was slicked back and made him look fierce. It was obvious that his hair was dyed that color due to his eyebrows being so dark, Xander couldn’t help but notice the scar on left one. The man’s face was angled and made his cold blue eyes stand out in an almost penetrating way. This small body was framed with a loose brown shirt with an open red-button down shirt over it. His black jeans were tight in all the right places and the leather duster tied everything together.

The man was looking at him with hungry eyes and Xander knew that this was the vampire who had been following him. Xander’s heart sped up as the vampire pulled Xander up and pushed him against the wall. It was a strange sensation as the fear left him and arousal took its place. The vampire nuzzled and licked Xander’s neck causing Xander to moan before finally sinking his fangs into him. Xander’s head felt light as the vampire didn’t seem to stopping. All Xander could think as the vampire drained him was, Well, maybe he needs it more than me.

Xander woke the next morning with the sun streaming down onto his face from his bedroom window. He let out a sigh of relief. It had only been a dream. But it was a disturbing dream that made him question his sexuality. Xander carefully rolled out of bed, feeling a bit light headed, but still good none the less. He noticed that he was still in his clothes, so he must have just come home and passed out in his bed.

The floorboards creaked under Xander’s feet as he silently tried to make it to the bathroom so he could be out the door before his parents were up, if they weren’t already up. If they were, he hoped they were both completely drunk by now.

He switched the light on and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He mentally wiped the sweat from his face; he was half expecting it not to be there. Then he noticed something wiggy, he turned his head to the side and viewed his neck. His eyes widened in terror, in the side of his neck were bite marks. Vampire bite marks were in his neck! It wasn’t just a dream! His fingers brushed against the marks and he almost released a moan, but he caught himself. He wasn't supposed to be turned on from being bitten even if it was by a sexy vampire. Xander shook his head violently. Vampires weren’t sexy, they were evil, but it didn’t seem like little Xander was listening.

Two extremely cold showers and a turtleneck later, Xander was about ready to leave. He grabbed his wallet when a note fell out. Xander picked up and read it.

“I’ll meet you at the Bronze tonight.” Was all the note said.

Xander blushed slightly and pocketed the note before heading out the door to meet Willow for ice cream.

Willow noticed something odd about her friend as they sat eating their ice cream in the park. The first thing was the blue turtleneck Xander seemed to be wearing despite it being summer in South California. She knew he couldn’t be a vampire since they were walking around in the sun, but Willow couldn’t help but be curious. If Xander was bitten by a vampire, there was no way he’d be sitting here with her eating vanilla ice cream, he’d be dead.

Another thing that was odd was the way he kept checking his watch like he was waiting for something. She was starting to get offended because it looked like he couldn’t wait to run off as soon as it was the time he was waiting for.

“Xander Harris,” she pouted. “What’s more important than spending time with your friend?”

He looked up from checking his watch with a confused look, “What do you mean?”

“You’ve looked more at your watch than you have me.”

“Sorry, I’m just meeting someone in a bit.”

“Who are you meeting? Do I know them?”

Xander shrugged, “No one special.”

“Mind if I tag along?”

Willow watched as Xander dropped his ice cream cone on the floor by accident as he seemed to jump out of his skin at the suggestion.

“This is kind of a me and this person thing only. You wouldn’t understand. Maybe uh, well, you could go to the movies or something. You can do that without me. We don’t have to be together all the time.” Xander spared another look at his watch. “Well, look at the time. I better, get going, I need to run home and uh, see you.”

Xander scrambled away off in the direction of his home. She frowned slightly and looked up to see that the sun was setting. Willow got up and decided it would be best if she went home too. She wished Buffy or Giles were here, then she could consult them on Xander’s strange behavior.

The dj was playing some techno beat as Xander entered the Bronze. He wished it was a night a live band was playing; he preferred the local bands to the trendy beats that seemed to be flooding the music shops nowadays.

Xander hoped what he was wearing was okay. For some reason, before he came, he ran home to change. He picked out a shirt that was low enough to show off the bite mark, but not loud enough that it announced his presence to the world. He also chose one of his older pants to wear, he didn’t know why, but he wanted to look good for when he met the vampire again.

The vampire in question was sitting across the Bronze at one of the tables drinking a beer. There was another beer next to him and Xander felt his throat constrict as he approached. He wondered if he had been replaced or if the note had been from someone else or for someone else.

“Hey, Pet!” The vampire called to him as he got closer. “Saved you a seat and got you a beer.”

Xander took the seat the vampire had saved for him and looked at the beer, “I’m under-aged, uh…”

“You can call me Spike,” he leered. “And as for being under-aged, no worries, I won’t tell a soul.”

Xander took the beer and chugged it nervously as Spike watched him. When he finally finished the beer, Spike ordered him another one. None of the waitresses seeming to mind that Xander wasn’t legal, maybe they all knew that Spike was a vampire and figured they better serve him or become his next meal.

“Well, you clean up rather nice, pet,” Spike grinned. “Tell me your name, love, and I’ll order some onion rings as well.”

“It’s Xander,” he said feeling his heart speed up.

“Xander,” Spike purred. “Short for Alexander, I suppose. Both very lovely names.” Spike fingers brushed against the mark on Xander’s neck and he gasped. “Do you like it, Xander? Do you like my mark on you?”

The waitress brought the beer Spike ordered and Xander took a swig of it and nodded. Spike let his fingers rest upon the bite mark then he began to stroke it.

“What’s it mean?” Xander found himself asking. “Why didn’t you kill me?”

“When a vampire marks a human this way, it’s like claiming that this is who they’ve chosen to be their next childe. Do you want to be my childe, Xander?”

Xander took another long drink from the beer bottle. Everything in his head was screaming that a childe was a vampire. If he said yes, that Spike was planning on turning him, but the alcohol and the hard bulge in his pants kept him from listening to the voices of reason in his head. Instead he found his head bobbing up and down, agreeing that he’d like to spend eternity with Spike.

“Dance with me, love,” Spike commanded.

Teenagers swayed to the music around them as Spike pulled Xander from the table and deep into the crowd. No one seemed to notice as Spike began to grind against Xander’s ass, letting their hips sway more like they were in a bedroom than on a dance floor.

“Sure you don’t mind me taking more of your ruby red?” Spike whispered into Xander’s ear.

Xander knew he should object, but instead he found himself babbling, “Well, I mean, you need my plasma more than I, well, I think you do. All that keeps popping up in my head is something about a documentary on the circle of life and the food chain and-”

Spike shut Xander up by pressing his lips roughly into Xander’s. Xander moaned loudly, but no one heard him over the pounding music. Spike wrapped an arm around Xander’s waist, pulling him back and melding their bodies together as they continued to grind to the music.

A small whimper escaped Xander’s lips as Spike broke the kiss, but Spike’s lips were quickly at Xander’s neck. They parted and he bit deeply into Xander to begin draining him like he did the other night. It was different from last time; Spike was taking more blood quicker than last time. It wasn’t long before that Spike tore his wrist and held it up to Xander’s lips.

Xander latched on, sucking and continuing to dance, no one seeming to notice that he was being turned right in front of them, it probably happened so often, it seemed almost natural. Another moan escaped Xander’s lips as he felt his heart slowing down, it was so sensual and so gradual, that Xander found himself coming in his pants.

His head lolled back against Spike’s shoulder and he found himself almost in an eerie trance. His eyes closed and it felt like his insides were being shuffled about like a giant jigsaw puzzle. He couldn’t move and it was useless to fight it, so he let the transformation take place. He felt himself being picked up and carried off, probably by Spike. He wished he could move so he could smile. Soon, he’d be a demon and a childe of Spike. He had just met the vampire, but he had already given him his life.

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