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Happy Holidays


Xander plopped down on his couch wearily. He’d just spent the whole day trying to find the perfect gift for Spike. With only three days until Christmas he’d run out of options.  He’d gone to the mall and every store he knew of and a few he didn’t. But he hadn’t found one thing good enough to give Spike to express how he felt.


What was he supposed to give a two hundred year old vampire? Spike had been everywhere and seen everything. And did vampires even celebrate Christmas? If they did it probably involved murder and mayhem.


Xander sighed. The chances of Spike liking him back were pretty much zero. Spike was strong, brave, and sexy. He was weak, cowardly, and pathetic. Look at the people Spike had been with. Drusilla, Angelus, and Buffy. Why would Spike ever want him when he could have anyone he wanted?


Man his relationship track record sucked. Buffy, the bug lady, Ampata, Cordelia, Willow, Faith, and Anya. Now he had a crush on Spike. Okay more than crush. He was in love with Spike aka William the Bloody.


It wasn’t sure why he loved Spike. Okay scratch that he knew exactly why he was in love with Spike. He’s seen how Spike acted around Dawn. He’d seen how sweet and gentle he could be. With his past it was it any wonder that he’d fallen for Spike?


Xander groaned. “I have to think of something.”



Spike growled in frustration. Why was this so hard? All he was trying to do was find a bloody Christmas present. But he hadn’t been able to find anything. Nothing was good enough.


He just wanted Xander to be happy. The boy deserved after everything he’d been through. He wanted to make Xander smile. Really smile like he used to before ex-demon girl left, idiot that she was. Smiles that lit up the room and made Spike feel all warm inside.


“Fuck I sound like a bloody poof.” But he couldn’t help it. “God I love him.” He just couldn’t help himself. The boy was amazing. He didn’t have any powers but he still fought the good fight. If you were his friend he was absolutely loyal to you, even if you treated him like crap. He saw darkness everyday but he was still so innocent. He was a being of pure goodness.


Darkness is naturally drawn to the light. Spike had experienced this attraction many times in his existence as a vampire. But it had never been like it was with Xander. Always before it had been to taint and corrupt.


But Xander’s innocence was something Spike wanted to protect. He didn’t want Xander to ever lose that childlike faith. He wanted to protect Xander from everything and everyone that could hurt him.


“Boy deserves someone who will love him without any strings. Wait a minute… That’s it!” He raced out the door. He didn’t have much time.



“Last present!” Buffy announced. “It’s for Xander… from Spike. Ahh!” She cried and dropped the box. “It moved!”


“Oh.” Xander lifted a puppy out of the box. It was a chocolate lab. “Spike got me a puppy.”


“There’s a card.” Buffy handed it to him.


Dear Xander,

Here is someone else who will love you.


“Someone else? What does he mean by that?”





“Hi Spike.”


“What are you doing here pet? Most demons don’t care if it’s Christmas they’ll still rip your guts out and use them for garters.”


“I got your gift. Did you mean what the card said? Do you really love me?” He whispered the last part.


“More than anything pet.”


“God I’ve wanted to hear you say that for so long.”


“Pet?” Was it possible?


“I love you too Spike. I have for such a long time.”


Spike whooped. He picked Xander up and swung him around. “I swear I’ll be the best boyfriend ever.” He set Xander down. “Baby what’s wrong?”


“I didn’t get you anything.”


“Luv I got the best present in the world. I got you.”

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