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Thirteen Weeks

Authors: kitty_alex
Series Title: Expectant Hell
Chapter Title: Thirteen Weeks
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: A demon casts a spell on Xander. Willow reverses the spell, but weeks later, they find it has one huge side effect.
Warnings: Male Pregnancy
Notes: Sorry it took so long to update. I've kind of decided to wrap this one up quickly, so there's going to be this chapter, one more, then an epilogue. I don't know when they'll all get up though. Also, this is unbetaed, so cut it some slack if it's not as good as the others.
Previous Chapters: You can find previous chapters here.

Spike and Xander lay in the master bedroom. They had been in there since Drusilla had been dusted. Spike had tried at first to find Drusilla’s killer, but none of the other demons seemed to be talking, so the leads quickly dried up. Now Spike spend most of his time taking care of Xander, not because he was still under the spell, but because he knew it was what Drusilla would have wanted. Sometimes, he stared at the containers of blood she had brought over when she first decided that she was going to stay with them. The containers spoke volumes now. Drusilla had known she was going to die and wanted to make sure there was plenty of sire’s blood after she was gone. Spike closed his eyes and rolled closer to Xander, the part of him that missed Drusilla didn’t mind being comforted by the mortal.

“Where do you think she is?” Xander asked him.

“Dunno,” Spike answered putting his hand over Xander’s stomach, in there was the last bit of Dru he had left besides with Miss Edith, but the doll didn’t count. “Maybe vampire heaven, well, I hope. She didn’t- She deserved better.”

“I’m sure there’s some kind of vampire heaven where all the good and bloodthirsty vampires go. Then I even bet there’s a fountain of virgin blood right smack dab in the middle.”

Spike lifted his head and looked Xander, “You really think so?”

“Um, yeah, I guess.” There was a knock on the door. “Can you get that? It might be Willow with groceries.”

“Yeah, but you’re going to get up and see her this time. No more lying here and moping.”

“But, I like lying here and moping,” Xander grumbled rolling onto his side.

Spike rolled his eyes and got out of bed. He made his way in to the front door and pulled it open expecting to see Red with an arm full of groceries. Instead he saw his grandsire and that ex-cheerleader that worked for him. In his grandsire’s arm was a bundle of blankets and it smelled human.

“Did the cheerleader give birth or something?”

“NO!” Cordelia exclaimed. “Darla did! The kid is Angel’s, I’m just acting as his surrogate mother since Darla staked herself to give birth.” She shifted the diaper bag on her shoulder and moved past Spike. “Now where’s Xander? I want to feel his stomach.”

“What’s it with chits and wanting to feel pregnant people’s stomachs?” Spike asked as Cordelia disappeared into the bedroom. “Should have warned her he’s touchy.”

“She wouldn’t have listened to you anyway,” Angel said. “Are you going to invite me in so I can explain?”

“Yeah, sure. Come right in.”

Angel moved past the threshold and looked around the apartment. He had expected it to be a real mess since from what Willow had told him they had been holed up in there an entire week, but it was surprisingly clean and well kept. Angel spotted the couch and sat down, making sure to support his son’s head. Spike sat next to him and looked oddly at the kid Angel was holding.

“So, you going to explain what you’re doing here and how you have a kid?”

“Yeah, give me a moment. Spike, this is Connor. Connor, this is Spike. Connor resulted from a deal I made with the Powers That Be. Darla was dying and I went through a trial to try and save her, but she was already brought back once, so instead they gave us him.”

“Ah, alright,” Spike said as if it all made sense. “So, why are you here?”

“Willow called and explained what was happening. She thought you might, well, want actual experience with a baby and would need some condolences since…” Angel trailed off not knowing what to say.

“Lia thinks you’re going to be a good mom,” Xander said coming into the living room with Cordelia.

“I like her name,” Cordelia commented happily. “Ophelia and Cordelia, I think we’ll be friends. I’ll have to bring Connor over for a play date once they’re born. Then of course, I’ll have to take her shopping and get her caught up on all the latest fashions.”

“You ain’t filling her head with all that useless dribble,” Spike protested. “She’s going to be smart.”

Cordelia put her hands on her hips, “Are you saying I’m not smart?”

“What?” Spike’s eyebrows flew up. “Never said that, I meant-”

Connor burped and spit up all over Angel’s shoulder. Spike coughed as the horrible odor invaded his nose. Cordelia sighed and reaching into the diaper bag, pulling out an extra shirt for Angel then preceded to hand it to him.

“I told we shouldn’t have fed him before coming here. It’s just too much excitement for him.”

Cordelia took Connor from Angel and wiped his mouth before handing the towel to Angel so he could get off all the excess vomit so it wouldn’t drip on the floor when he got. When he made sure it was all gone, Angel got up and went into the bathroom to change.

“I bet you feel better,” Cordelia said to Connor as she sat down on the couch.

“Does he projectile vomit like that all the time?” Xander asked sitting next to Spike.

“Yeah, but you get used to it. It’s worth it because he’s so cute.”

“You know,” Spike said. “You’re surprisingly calm. Usually at the mere mention of Angel, you go mental. Why aren’t you out of your gourd right now?”

“I think it’s because of Connor,” Xander answered. “They seem to like him.”

Xander was just about to ask if he could hold Connor when the door burst open. Men started filing into the small apartment. They ignored the woman and child sitting on the couch and went straight for Xander. Spike tried to pull them off, but his chip fired causing him to fall back against the couch.

“SPIKE!” Xander yelled out to him as they dragged him off. “Spike, help!”

Spike growled and shifted into his game face. He couldn’t let them drag off Xander. Drusilla was counting on him to take care of him. The vampire began throwing punches, fighting through the pain, just trying to get to Xander. The chip sent out multiple shocks, trying to get Spike to stop killing the men. Spike ignored each jolt, even going as far enough to snap a few necks, trying to get to Xander before they were able to drag him out of the building, he was almost there, he was almost to the two men that had him, when a final shock that seemed amplified by a thousand times more than the regular shocks, passed through the chip. Spike convulsed and fell backwards, falling unconscious before he even hit the ground.

The next thing Spike knew, he was waking up in Xander’s bed with a killer headache. He looked around to notice that Angel, Buffy, and Willow were standing around the bed staring at him guiltily. He was about to ask where Xander was when he remembered what had happened. He glared at Angel.

“And where the hell were you when they were taking Xander?” Spike shot at him.

“I was changing my shirt. By the time I came out, Xander was already out the door with you after them. I tried to fight off as many as I could, but they were like roaches.”

“At least tell me we got some to question.”

Willow shifted nervously, “Before you get mad and try to kill me, I just want to let you know, that they had really good spells on them and went poof before I even had a chance to put up any counter spells. I didn’t even know they had broken in.”

“How’d they get in anyway?”

“That would be my fault,” Buffy said sighing. “Angel arrived earlier than Willow had anticipated, so I kind of moved the marker that was protecting the place without asking. I put it back as soon as they were in! I just didn’t know you had to recast the spell.”

Spike grabbed Buffy by the shirt and pulled her close, “Your error got Xander captured. What good are you? Should snap your neck or something.”

“Guys,” Buffy said nervously. “Why isn’t the chip working? Shouldn’t Spike be getting shocked right about now?”

“You’re right, Slayer,” Spike said letting go of her and feeling his head. “That shock that made me pass out must have had something to do with it.”

“Maybe you overloaded the chip,” Willow suggested. “You know, kind of like when you ask your computer to do too many things at once then it breaks. Maybe that happened to the chip. What were you doing before you passed out?”

“Killing and maiming,” Spike answered simply. “I had to get to Xander so I was just ignoring the shocks and fighting through the pain.”

“That’s probably what did it.”

“Spike, I’m-” Angel began, but he was cut off when Spike shot him a harsh glare.

“I don’t want to hear about your apologies or how you’re going to get Xander back before anything bad happens to him. I want you to get him back not just say you are!”

“I know you’re upset your mate is missing-” Angel tried again.

“Xander ain’t my mate, only taking care of him because Dru would have wanted it that way.”

He crossed his in front of his chest and glared harshly at the door. Angel didn’t say anymore, he knew how much Spike liked to act tough around him. It was probably Angelus’ fault. He just wished he could have his family all together instead of them being taken away all the time.

“Don’t worry,” Willow said putting a hand on his shoulder. “Giles is with Wesley right now and they’re working very hard on translating the book from Pylean to English. It’ll be no time at all before they have it all translated and we’re able to help Xander.”

“I’m pretty good with demon languages,” Spike said. “Think they’d let me help?”

After the initial shock wore off, Giles found that Spike could accurately translate many demon languages that neither he nor Wesley had knowledge of.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had this ability before?” Giles asked him.

“What do you mean?” Spike asked, his eyes quickly shifting back to blue.

Giles had the suspicion that the vampire needed glasses in his human form, but didn’t wear them because he was afraid it would mess with his image. It would probably be easier for Spike to have glasses so he wouldn’t have to switch to his demon guise every time he needed to see something more clearly. But of course, he wasn’t going to mention it and risk Spike not helping.

“Nothing,” Giles said shaking his head. “Do you have anything?”

“Not really. There is this odd bit though. It keeps referring to this crystal, but I honestly can’t get a proper translation on it.”

“Do you mean the Henar Crystal?” Wesley asked. “I think I saw a book around here, ah, here it is!” Wesley opened the book and cleared his throat. “’And the vessel shall be placed under the Henar Crystal and the spell of Jenmar shall be activated. Then the time of the chosen shall be at hand.’ Then it moves on to talk about Jenlanar biology and their need for female hosts.”

“Dru called Xander the vessel once. My book says that the crystal brings, I can’t be translating this right because it says that is brings growth. Giles, do you have what the spell of Jenmar is? That isn’t mentioned in any of my books.”

“If I remember correctly,” Giles said adjusting his glasses, “the spell of Jenmar is the spell that was originally affected Xander, the one that made him, well, fertile.”

“So what? They’re going to make him a girl again or something?”

Xander pulled on his restraints; he couldn’t believe he got captures. He looked down at his body at the hospital gown he was in and he tried to ignore the breasts that were popping out from under it. He looked around the room; it looked exactly like a hospital room except the big crystal hanging above him. He sighed, this was just his luck. From now on, no more butt monkey.

“Hey!” Doctor Jones said coming into the room. “How’s my favorite patient?”

Xander growled at him, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m your doctor, aren’t I? I’ve been taking care of you and the twins since the beginning. Maybe you’re not with Spike anymore, but you’re still my patient.”

“Can you at least get me out of here? Please?”

“No can do,” Doctor Jones said moving the ultrasound machine that was also in the room over to him. “See, I might have morals and ethics, but I also have bills to pay and my own twenty-seven spawn to feed and the Jenlanar have offered me quite a bit of money to treat you.”

“Can you at least tell me why I’m a girl and what the crystal is?”

Doctor Jones looked up at the crystal that was above them while pushing up Xander’s gown and smearing gel over Xander’s enlarged stomach.

“Oh, that,” he said with a smile. “That’s just the Henar crystal. The Jenlanar use that to speed up the pregnancy. You’ll get used to it after awhile.”

“After awhile? How long am I going to be here?”

Doctor Jones pressed the wand that went with the ultrasound machine into Xander’s stomach, “Do you really think they let any of these women go? I treat most of them. They’re very happy once they get used to it. I think maybe it’s a side effect of the crystal. After a month, you won’t even need to be restrained.”

“And you just allow this to happen?”

“You just wait to see what you’ll do once you have kids. My eldest ten are starting college and five are going to med school. Then my youngest is having a few medical problems. It gets to a point where you really don’t care as long as there’s food on the table. I know it seems cold, but that’s just how life works. If your boyfriend showed up and rescued you while I was in the room, I wouldn’t say anything, but I’m not going to go out of my way to help you escape.”

“So it wasn’t you who told?”

“Nope, wasn’t me. Try that loud mouth in the waiting room. You should have been more careful.”

“I know. This is all my fault. I should have been a better parent or something.”

“If we could all see the future, where would the fun be?” Doctor Jones laughed. “Well, they’re coming along nicely.”

“Can I see them?”

“Sorry, the Jenlanar don’t want you getting too attached. But, I can tell you they’re healthy and by this time next week you’ll be ready to give birth.”

“Thanks,” Xander said sadly.

“Hey, you’re friends with the Slayer and that vampire Spike is crazy about you. With the two of them working together, you’ll be out of here in no time.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Xander sighed.

“You’ll see,” Doctor Jones said while cleaning up Xander’s stomach and pulling down his gown. “You just have to stay positive. Alright?”

“Yeah, alright.”

“A nurse will be in later with your vitamin pill and something for you to eat. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to check up on you.”

Xander didn’t say anything and the doctor left the room. Xander couldn’t believe it, but he was missing Spike so much right now. At least Spike didn’t restrain him and make him female. Then Spike actually talked to him instead of leaving him in some hospital room. Xander bit his lip, if only he knew where he was. He’d try to get a message to the vampire.

Spike was taking a break from translating books and sitting in Giles’ kitchen, drinking some blood and snacking on some left over Chinese food when he felt something give a sharp tug on his aura. It happened again and he closed his eyes and listened.

A small voice said, Help us.

Spike’s gasped, it was Lia, but somehow, she had grown. Then it clicked, that was what the book was talking about regarding the translation. They were forcing the bits to grow quicker than they were supposed to.

Help us, the tiny voice said again.

How? Spike answered.

Daddy, trapped. Underground. White. Patient.

You’re trapped in an underground hospital? Spike ventured.

Yes. Help us.

I will, luv. Just give me time, do understand?

Understand, yes. Help. One week. Hurry.

The connection faded and Spike opened his eyes. For some reason, he only had one week to find Xander and the bits. He rushed into the living room where everyone had gathered to help with the research.

“Xander’s in an underground hospital!” Spike exclaimed. “We have to stop with all these bloody research and hit the streets!”

Everyone gave him an odd look as if questioning how he knew.

“I just know, it’s a feeling I got. It’s the best we got to go on, so MOVE!”

Willow put on her resolve face, “If you say so Spike, I’ll do anything to help Xander.”

She got up and moved towards the door. Everyone except Cordelia got up too.

“I’ll stay here and watch Connor,” Cordelia said. “But make sure you find Xander! If you don’t, I’ll have to go looking for him personally and they don’t want that.”

“Yeah,” Spike said with a smile. “I’d hate to go up against you.”

They all filed up and split up to go ask around. Hopefully they’d be able to find at least one person who was willing to talk.

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