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Prophecy Shaken & Stirred: Rifts and Portals Chapter 2

Title: Prophecy Shaken & Stirred: Rifts and Portals Chapter 2
Fandom: Torchwood/BtVS-AtS Crossover
Genre: Slash, Elements of Het, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Spike/Xander, Dawn/Connor, Gwen/Rys
Rating: FRAO
Set: Just after Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang for Torchwood and post Season 7 Buffy and post Season 5 Angel. Ignores the comics. Will weave in and out of canon Torchwood episodes so all events of series one and two are fair game as is any episode of Doctor Who that deals with events in Cardiff, no matter how tangentially.
Disclaimer : I only own my OCs
Beta: [info]nikitariddick


A/N: lrdtorquemada, from TtH i asked me in a review about my choice of Splott. I used That neighborhood because it is economically depressed area of Cardiff. Which leads me to believe it would be an area demons would exploit. I found a picture of an abandoned hanger online in that area of the city. Seemed like a great place to cast a spell.


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