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Wishes and Wants

Title: Wishes and Wants.

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Very NC17!
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, products or articles
mentioned in this story and gain no monetary profit from it.

Willow and Buffy are feeling guilty about their fake gift and are concerned
they haven't heard from Xander in days. When they check on him, they
find him with Spike. In shock, they decide to do a real spell to give their
friend his hearts desire, hoping he will dump Spike.

Warning: This story is a pointless, spornographic bit of fantasy, fluff and
sex. The author does NOT endorse the bizarre sexual techniques or
situations this story contains. (O.k., some of them are......never mind)

As always, full credit to the talented Petxnd who brings puts wonderful visuals to
my words and brings the stories alive.

Buffy's limited attention span had skipped off the path after the first
couple sentences of her friend's explanation. She wanted this for
Xander, but at the same time, there seemed to be an unnecessarily large
number of cards on the table and her pea brain quickly devised it's
own agenda.

"Great idea, Willow, here, let me help"
Buffy closed one of the books and shoved it to the side, intentionally knocking
the black Sharpy marker to the floor. In the quick second it took Willow
to retrieve it, Buffy snatched a card from the pile and dropped it onto her lap.

Willow picked up the marker and rolled her eyes. This would be so much
easier without Buffy's help, but, they were in this together.

"O.k., so we have......."

Willow counted and spread out the blank cards in front of her.
".........five cards. Not a lot, but enough. What do we write?"

Buffy stared at the blank cards on the table in front of them and, as usual,
her brain floundered. The question of what Xander would actually wish
for was a tough one. It wasn't like they ever really asked him what kind
of things he wanted out of life.

"Um, well, Xander always likes to do what we like, so maybe we should
think about what we would wish for."

Willow started to protest before realizing that she couldn't come up
with anything better.
"Well, yeah, I guess so. What would be first?"

Buffy quickly grabbed the marker and the first card, scrawling across the front,


Willow had to admit, that was a wonderful experience. How could anyone
not like that? Without hesitation, she shoved the rest of the cards across the
"Hey, Buffy, you're great at this. Do the rest."

Buffy immediately filled out the other four cards on the table, giving a lot
of consideration to what she would want if these were her wishes. She
wrote clearly and carefully, then laid them all out for Willow's final approval.
They read:


"Damn, Buffy these are perfect! He will thank us forever! We really are
the best friends he could ever hope for."

Buffy nodded happily, still holding the marker in her hand, she laid her
hands on her lap, under the table and out of sight. She then scribbled,
HOPING FOR, on the hidden card and she quickly gathered them all
together, tossing them into the bowl.

"That's it, Willow, do your best."

Wasting no more time, Willow ran around the room. She turned out the
overhead kitchen light and she lit several candles that sat on the table.
She then arrange the clear glass vials of shiny liquid around the bowl
of the cards.

Standing up, Willow waved her hands dramatically over the bowl. She
mumbled words that contained no vowels and she closed her eyes.
A rumble of thunder could be heard somewhere off in the distance.

She then dumped the dry spices over the cards and a flash of lightning
briefly lit up the room. Buffy thought about her own wish card and
the importance of it coming true. She crossed all her fingers and toes
and watched as Willow poured the liquids in on top of it all and shouted
the same unintelligible words before tossing in a match.


The room filled with a green cloud and a suspicious stench. Buffy prayed
it was the spell and not the bean burito she ate for lunch. Outside, the
clouds burst and the rain poured down. The magic sizzled in the air
around them and the women grinned happily.

They just knew the spell would work and he was well on his way back
to being their Xander shaped friend. His gratitude would surely fall like
the storm outside. All they had to do now was wait.

The small apartment was dark. None of the lights had been turned on,
not out of conservation, but out of lack of initiative. The two men who
occupied the flat neither needed nor wanted the intrusion or disruption
to their activities.

They had, a few times, ventured out of the bedroom so that the human
could replenish his body with nourishment or water, but those trips were
short lived and usually the food sat, forgotten, on the table. The trek to the
shower had only led to more sex.

Now it was late, nearly midnight, and the soothing sound of the rain pattering
against the window panes lulled them. That, the ticking of the bedside
alarm clock, and Xander, were the only sounds in the dark room.

Each thrust pushed the air through Xander's body and across his
vocal chords.
"Fuck, that feels so good. Don't cum. Not yet."

Spike kissed his boy lightly on the back of the neck as he smelled the
heavenly scent of the blood that flowed so near the surface of the skin.

They lay on their sides, spooned, Spike behind him and deeply buried inside.
They had fucked frantically, quickly and repeatedly, nearly exhausting
themselves in the last two days.
This time was easier, slower, but no less satisfying.

At some point each of them had come to recognize the difference between
fucking and making love and they were now happily doing both.

They had talked, kissed, cuddled and over the course of the short time
they had spent together, come to the monumental realization that they
belonged together. So they, by mutual agreement, decided to cement
their new found relationship by exchanging copious amounts of bodily fluids.
Both were in heaven.

Their only interruption had been earlier this evening when the two annoying
bints had popped in, uninvited, to check on HIS Xander.
It didn't concern Spike.
He already had felt Xander's heart and knew it beat for him.

He had stalked Xander for weeks never really believing things would
actually go so well. He had consider kidnapping and forcing the human
to see things as he knew they could be but, surprisingly, he had needed to.
Luckily, he had kept the birthday butt plug. It had come in handy.

Xander had proven to be totally on board with everything and Spike was
already contemplating words like 'permanent and 'consort'.

He should have know that nothing on the hellmouth went this smoothly.
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