My good intentions went up in smoke... (jans_intentions) wrote in bloodclaim,
My good intentions went up in smoke...

My old fics

Hello, I was once known as Sexymermaid. I thought that to clear up some confusion, I'd pop by.

I took down all my BTVS fan fiction some time ago because I'm now writing original fiction. Just sold my first book, which I'm very happy about! So if anyone is looking for older spander fan fics of mine, I ask they not be shared in this community.

It was up for a long time and I'm glad it is remembered, but I ask my friends that if you see links/file sharing to maybe just mention these are the author's wishes. Actually, there shouldn't be links since site owners have tried very hard and shown great kindness in helping me out on that score.

Also, my fan fiction site, jans_fiction, only contains my QaF work for the moment. So joining that doesn't help you out.

Thank you so much and best wishes to anyone who remembers me. j xx
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