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After We Become Dust

Author: kitty_alex
Title: After We Become Dust
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters. The views of the afterlife and Heaven presented in this fic are not saying that this is what Heaven really is.
Summary: Xander and Spike died, but where do they go from there?
Warnings: Character Death and Reincarnation
Notes: This is the sequel to Memoirs Of A Dead Scooby.

Buffy stared at the open casket, the blue dustbuster lying on Xander’s chest, with the vampire’s ashes inside it. She remembered how much it hurt going into Xander’s apartment to clear out his things only to find the blinds drawn open and a big pile of dust on the floor.

Willow had found the letter next to the vacuum apologizing for the mess and if they would try very hard only to suck up Spike’s remains without adding any dustbunnies. Willow tried, but she couldn’t, she kept breaking out in sobs every time she turned the vacuum on, so Buffy did it. She remembered the only thought going through her head was, “At least now we know he really loved him.”

She was so lost in thought; Buffy didn’t even notice Willow standing beside her until Willow asked, “How are you holding up?”

“As good as I’ll ever be,” Buffy shrugged and sighed. “There was nice turn out. I’m surprised how many people turned up. A few people from high school heard and flew in. Angel’s around here with Cordelia somewhere as well.”

“It is a double funeral for both Xander and Spike, I’m not surprised. Xander was a good person,” Willow’s voice wobbled a bit when she said the word “was”, but she was trying to be strong for Xander, he wouldn’t want her to cry.

“I’m just glad no one can see he’s really just… sewn together…” she trailed off, she knew what he looked like under the pale grey suit, she knew because she saw the image every time she closed her eyes.

The image was burned there, only Xander wasn’t sewn up, he was lying in two distinct places, with just so much blood and… in all her years of slaying; nothing had prepared her for that. She began sobbing and Willow gripped her, not able to hold back her own tears any longer; she held Buffy and cried too.

“I just hope they’re in a better place,” Willow managed to get out between sobs.

Somewhere in the ten billion one hundred twenty-third dimension, if anyone bothered to count dimensions that is, two women watched as their baby boys seemed to snuggle each other contently in the crib they were sleeping in. The two women were Victoria Brougham and Karen Harris and their boys were Alexander and William.

They had met one day in the waiting room and found they shared the same due date, even if William was stubborn and came out several hours after Alexander. Victoria was new to Sunnydale and America; her husband had just received a promotion at his company in England and had been transferred to one of the LA offices. Victoria, who had been three months pregnant at the time, refused to allow their child to be raised in a noisy city. So they had bought one of the larger houses nestled in the quiet town of Sunnydale.

Victoria had very little friends before she met Karen, so it was a relief when they finally met and she had someone who she could share pregnancy stories with. They discussed baby names; Victoria had decided on the family name “Chauncey” and Karen thought the baby name “Scout” was just adorable. But both women swear when the babies were put in their arms, they felt like an “Alexander” and a “William”.

Now that Alexander and William had both made it out into the world healthy and hopefully happy, the two women wished them to be friends. That’s why the women had spent the last few weeks in each other’s company, fawning over every movement that even resembled that they would be close friends.

Xander rang the bell for Will’s house again. He bounced on his tiny toes, waiting for the maid to open the door. Claire was nice and sometimes she would come over and clean his house, but she lived at Will’s. It was kind of cool.

The Valentine card hidden behind Xander’s back was slowly getting wrinkled as Xander’s hands twitched back and forth in anticipation. His first grade class had just had their Valentine’s Day party on Friday, but Xander’s mom had explained that it was actually Sunday, which was today.

“Oh, hello there Xander,” Claire said opening the door, she looked around for Xander’s mother, but didn’t see her. “Did you walk here all by yourself?”

“Yes!” Xander exclaimed. “I’m a big boy now! Mommy wanted to drive me, but I told her I knew my way, so she let me and here I am. Is Will home?”

Claire chuckled. It was nice that he could walk here without worry. It’s why she was so happy to find a job in the small little town. Sunnydale was voted to have the lowest death count in the country, which made her glad and she hoped that one day she could start a family with a cute little boy like Xander or Will.

“He is. Do you want to come inside?”

“Nope, if we go inside, we’ll stay locked up with Will’s books and I want to go for a walk.”

“The Cat in the Hat does nothing for you?” she joked.

“I have nothing against him!” Xander exclaimed. “I think he’ll understand that I don’t want to read about him a million and one times though!”

“Yeah, I think he’ll understand,” Claire said with a smile. “I’ll go get Will and make sure he leaves his books at home.”

“Thank you!” Xander called out as she shut the door.

Last time she left the door open, a bee had flown in and stung Will on the nose. He had cried and sniffled all morning, but when Xander had shown up to play, he was surprisingly brave, and waved the injury off as if it was nothing. The two of them were so cute together.

“Is that Xander?” Will asked bounding down the stairs two at a time, hugging a book tightly to his chest.

“It is, but he wants you to leave your book at home, sweety.”

“This is a special book though! Look!”

Will opened to the front cover to reveal a folded in half piece of red construction paper that read “Happy Valentine’s Day, Xander” on it, in Will’s small and scribblely handwriting.

“Well, then I guess I can make an exception just this once since it’s so special.”

Claire laughed as Will beamed then rushed behind her to answer the door. He smiled shyly at Xander, who smiled wildly back. They bounced, staring at each other for a few minutes before Xander noticed the book in Will’s hands.

“I thought I said no books,” Xander pouted.

“It’s a special book! I promise!”

“What’s so special about it?”

“If you go on a walk with me, I’ll show you.”

Xander beamed, “I was going to ask you to go on a walk too! So yeah! Let’s go!”

They bounced away and Claire called after them, “Make sure you’re come by lunch time or it’ll get cold.”

Xander grinned, there was no way he was missing Claire’s tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Will and Xander walked for a bit until they were near the park by the edge of town. They sat on the swings; Xander was still hiding the card behind his back. Will had questioned him about it, but Xander refused to answer.

“Well,” Will began as his feet dangled since they were too short to touch the ground. “I was talking to my mummy about Valentine’s Day.”

“Me too! I was too!”

Will blushed clutching the book tighter to his chest, “She said that Valentine’s Day was when you loved someone and you gave them,” the blush disappeared into his curly blonde hair. “She said you gave them something to show you loved. So I made you something.”

Xander grinned, Will was always better at words than him even though Xander was technically older. Xander wasn’t jealous though, he loved the way Will talked and preferred listening to him, than actually saying some of the words that seemed to spill from his friend’s mouth.

“I made you something too. It’s probably not as good as yours…”

“I’m sure I’ll love it.”

Xander nodded and took the card out from behind his back. Will took it and smoothed it out on his book. It was a single page of pink construction paper, but in crayon was drawn a stick figure with curly blonde hair and another with messy brown hair. They were holding hands with tiny imperfect hearts drawn around the two.

“That one is you,” Xander said pointing at the picture. “The other one is me.”

Will blushed and opened his book, pulling out the card he had hidden in there. Xander took it and opened the folded the piece of construction paper.

He giggled and read the inside out loud, “‘Roses are red, but aren’t like honey. Xander is cute and also funny.’ It’s prefect, Will! Thank you!”

Tenderly, Will reached out a small hand and grasped Xander’s. They wobbled a bit on the swings as they tried to balance while Will still clutched his book and Xander his card. They smiled at each other, enjoying each other’s company until they had to go back for lunch.

The two men stood in front of Will’s parent’s house. They had been invited over for Christmas dinner since it was their first Christmas after they graduated from Sunnydale University and got their own place together. It was a nice small house in between where Xander’s parents and Will’s parents lived. The only reason they could afford it on their own was because of Will.

“Are you going to tell your mom about your New York Times Bestseller?” Xander asked ringing the doorbell.

“Yes, I’m going to tell my mother, I’m Spike and write homo erotic poetry which for some reason every fangirl and desperate house wife has bought.”

“Wouldn’t be weird if your mom bought it?”

“My mother is not a desperate house wife!” Will huffed.

Xander was about to respond but Claire’s youngest daughter, Buffy, decided to open the door. The tiny three year old smiled happily at them in her red velvet dress then ran back towards the party. Claire deserved her, after meeting and falling in love with the family’s gardener, the two of them moved to the guest house out back. Claire had gotten pregnant and had her first daughter Joyce, then Michael, then finally Buffy. Will’s mother enjoyed having the young children around now that he had moved out of the house.

They entered the living area where the party was being held, it was lively to say the least. Will’s father's business buddies stood off to the side discussing mergers and settlements, while Xander’s dad was probably busy getting into his Santa suit that he dressed in every year to entertain the kids that had been dragged to the party. Will’s and Xander’s mothers were with the other housewives, glancing their way then giggling feverishly like young school girls. Will blushed; he had an inkling what they were talking about.

“Hey, Xander, will you please come here for a minute,” Will’s father, Thomas called for him.

“Looks like I have to go make nice,” Xander said kissing Will’s cheek. “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck and please come back soon, don’t leave me alone with our mums.”

Xander chuckled and left Will’s side to join Thomas. Thomas clasped Xander’s shoulder and pulled him into a tight sideways hug before introducing him to his colleagues.

“This is my son’s boyfriend, Alexander Harris,” Thomas said. “He is also the young architect that designed our new office building out in Chicago.”

“I saw the plans,” one of the men said. “They were very good. I was impressed. When Thomas said someone so young was working on the project, I had my doubts, but when I saw it, very impressed. You’re going to be going places.”

“Hopefully places not too far or I’ll miss my mommy,” Xander joked.

The men all laughed and Xander looked over his shoulder to see how Will was doing. He was cowering as it seemed that all the housewives and their teenage daughters had been called to attention on his secret identity.

“It was nice meeting you,” Xander said shaking each man’s hand. “But, I have to go stop a group of girls from mauling my boyfriend. I’ll see you around.”

Xander made his way towards Will and snaked his arm around his waist. Will visibly relaxed and the horde of girls seemed equally disappointed.

“I was just telling the girls about yours and Will’s imaginary friend,” Victoria said with a smile. “He was named Spike too, wasn’t he?”

Will blushed, “Yes, I’m glad you have to bring him up around company.”

“It was so cute,” Karen cooed. “They thought he was a vampire, so he would only appear at night.”

“Oh, and Will said he had a distinct accent,” Victoria chimed in. “I think he said he sounded like he was from North London or something, it’s been so long.”

“Oh! Remember when we had to leave out blood pudding at the dinner table because they insisted that Spike needed blood to survive.”

Will groaned and buried his head in Xander’s neck, “They’ve been carrying on like this since I arrived.”

Xander chuckled, “What? I like hearing about Spike.”

“Yes, but not in front of guests.”

“I’m going to loosen Will up,” Xander announced. “I think I need to remind him that it’s Christmas.”

“Don’t be too long,” Karen warned. “If you take too long, you’ll miss Santa.”

“Yeah, I’ll make sure we won’t miss Santa.”

Xander dragged Will up to Will’s old bedroom. It looked exactly the same, nothing out of place except maybe some mistletoe that was hanging over the threshold.

“Looks like we have to kiss,” Xander said leaning in and puckering up.

Will moved back slightly, “Do you think Spike was real?”

“Of course so! Just because he was imaginary didn’t mean he didn’t exist, just like those weird numbers in math class. That was his job, you know? Be an imaginary friend to kids. I’m sure he’s off somewhere playing ‘Ghosts in the Graveyard’ with some other kid now.”

“If you’re sure,” Will said with a smile.

“Positive, now give us a kiss.”

Will chuckled and leaned into Xander’s lips. Xander pressed Will into the frame, savoring his mouth and enjoying the quick moment they had to themselves before they had to return to the party. Xander pulled back to look at Will’s face, licking the small arch of Will’s left eyebrow. For some reason, that always drove Will wild.

“You’re perfect,” Xander whispered to him between licks.

“So are you,” Will practically moaned.

Xander pressed his lips to Will’s again, inserting his tongue and letting it wiggle around, making Will moan in pleasure. They enjoyed it more than each could possibly say because when they touched each other like they did now, it honestly felt like they were in Heaven.

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