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Spander Valentine ficathon

On Feb. 14, I want to read all about how Spike and Xander express their love.

So I'm going to run a ficathon.

Give me your request in the following format:

How Spike and Xander express their love:
When Spike and Xander express their love (what era Spander you want):
Where Spike and Xander express their love (optional):
Who else (if anyone) is involved:
What else (if anything) is involved:

Three things you can't write:

Your email address:

Signups close January 17th!

If I get more than three responses, I'll do my best to match everyone and we'll all have a happy Spander Valentine's Day. 500 words minimum. We can do that, right?

Then on Feb 14, post it wherever and give me a link.

Reply here.

ETA: Please no threesome requests unless the threesome part is optional. Not everyone who writes Spander can or wants to write threesomes. Let's keep it focused on the Spander.
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