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That Good Night (chapter 13 of ?)

On a geological time scale, I'm updating this story very quickly! (On a normal-people time scale, not so much.)

Author: shadowscast
Pairing: S/X, ensemble
Rating: NC-17 (barely)
Disclaimer: I don't own them, and I'm not making any money!

Summary: A couple of years post-NFA, Spike is human, and it isn’t working out so well. He and Xander are currently in Sao Paulo, where Willow has just had a baby and a new vampire problem is looming.

Warnings: This story will get dark at times. Definitely angsty, h/c with lots of hurt. Character death will most definitely be threatened, and I'd rather not say what comes of it (though if you're terribly worried, ask me privately).

Chapter 13
(Link goes to my LJ)
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