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Drabble: Assumptions Are BAD

Title: Assumptions Are BAD
Author: Caytin Lowe
Rating: 14 and up (for context)
Type: Drabble 100
Pairing: Spander
Feedback: Constructive Criticism, please.
Summary: Xander overhears, and makes a bad assumption.

"Mmmmm. Yeah, that's it." Spike moaned from behind the kitchen door. Xander stopped, curious, and decided to listen in. "What is he doing?" he thought to himself. Smacking noises could be heard from the other side. "I love your sticky mess." Smack. "You're salty flavor." Smack. Then Xander could hear slurping sounds, sounds that only he was supposed to hear. Angry, he burst through the door, only to see Spike with a spoon stuck in his mouth and a jar of peanut butter in hand. "Wot?" Spike said around the spoon, startled. “I.. uh...” the reply. Spiked smirked, mischievously.

Note: This is my first time I've written something fandom related in at least five years, and the first time to write in this fandom. Please let me know if I've mis-spelled or worded things wrong. My grammar has fallen horribly over the years.

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