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Wishes and Wants

Title: Wishes and Wants.

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Very NC17!
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, products or articles
mentioned in this story and gain no monetary profit from it.

Willow and Buffy are feeling guilty about their fake gift and are concerned
they haven't heard from Xander in days. When they check on him, they
find him with Spike. In shock, they decide to do a real spell to give their
friend his hearts desire, hoping he will dump Spike.

Warning: This story is a pointless, spornographic bit of fantasy, fluff and
sex. The author does NOT endorse the bizarre sexual techniques or
situations this story contains. (O.k., some of them are......never mind)

As always, full credit to the talented Petxnd who puts wonderful visuals to
my words and brings the stories alive.

Suddenly, with no real warning, Spike crouched low and sprang forward.
He leapt into the air and pounced upon the surprised girl, scooping her up,
wrapping one huge leg and paw around her waist and pulling her tightly against
his body.

Without needing to be told, Dorothy gripped handfuls of fur and held
on with all her might as the huge powerful beast bounded back down
the steep steps to settle again on solid ground.

Once there, the human was gently laid down on her back, her hair
ribbons were torn from her tangled hair and her skirt was rucked up in
bunches around her tiny waist. She sighed, closing her eyes and lying
submissively with her arms placed high over her head.

When the cool, firm fingers ghosted lightly over her breasts, her eyes
popped open wide. Looking up, Xander forgot to breath as the beauty
of the clear blue eyes, shining with love and amusement, gazed back at him.

"You're not a lion anymore."

Spike stretched out on the ground beside him, his hands never leaving
the heated human flesh.

"Nope. I guess actually fucking the lion wasn't your wish. In fact, as I
recall, you just wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked like a woman.
To know how a woman's body reacts to her pussy being stimulated, licked,
touched and worked till that sweet little bundle of love between your legs
explodes throughout your whole body. Wasn't that it, Love? Didn't you
want me to make you cum like a woman?'

Xander felt a heated rush of passion flood his body as the warm juices of
want filled his vagina. All thoughts and worries of finding their way home
suddenly seemed secondary to what his now very human looking vampire
was offering him. Xander nodded and spread her legs.

Gently, Spike's hand slid up the inside of her thigh till it came to the
intersection of warmlywet and fleshyflap. As soon as he slid a long finger
between the lips, they wrapped around it like a venus flytrap and a shudder
wracked Xander's body.

Then, using his female agility, Xander flipped them both over and he
straddled the vampire's hips. Staring down into Spike easy relaxed
smile warmed his heart and brought Xander peace and comforting

He slowly dragged his hands down Spike's chest, his fingertips reminding
him of every familiar curve, dip, and swell of the vampire's hard flesh.

Leaning forward, Xander kissed him lightly on the collarbone before whispering.
"I'm so glad you are you again. The lion was fun but I need you to be my Spike."

Gently, Spike reached up and placed his hands over Xander's small breasts.

"Do you still want to know, Love? Do you still want me to please you as you are?"

Before answering a slight frown crossed Xander's face and he hesitated.
"I do want it, but I'm afraid."

Spike's hands settled on the small waist, holding Xander firmly in place.
Very lightly, he rocked upward and Xander groaned. The feel of the
erection pressing into his small butt kicked his need up several degrees
and without realizing it, his knees widened further apart.

"What are you afraid of, Pet. Do you think I would hurt you?"

Xander blushed. A combination of the sexual rush and the embarrassment,
caused his eyes to look away as he answered.

"No, I know you wouldn't hurt me. I also know you have been with a lot
of women and I'm afraid if we have sex, you won't want me anymore as a man.
You used to love Buffy and you might remember all the things......."


The heat in Spike's voice caught Xander off guard and he finally turned his
eyes on the man lying beneath him. The love and sincerity he saw there drew
him in and Xander leaned down, his hands braced on Spike's chest, and
he kissed the cool, soft lips.

When he leaned back, Spike smiled.
"Listen to me Xan. This is your fantasy. You wanted to know what it feels
like for a woman and I want to give you that, but that isn't what it is about for
me. When you find a home, it is because it is a place you love. It makes
you feel safe, secure and cared for. It's where you go when the world
beats you up and you need to feel good again. The plumbing in the house is
a very minor thing and it is NOT what makes a house a home. You are my
home, Xander and I don't love you because of the plumbing. Although to
be honest, you do have a hell of a nice faucet. I love you because of your
heart and soul. Your loyalty and faithfulness. I love you because you are you.
I love YOU, Xander."

Xander's eyes burned with the tears that filled them and his lower lip quivered.
If questioned, he would blame it on the false hormones that flooded his body, but
Xander knew better. He knew even if he had a hairy gorilla dick swinging
between his legs he would still be choked with emotion at the vampire's
heart felt declaration.

When he finally thought he could speak, Xander's tiny voice squeaked.
"I love you too Spike. You were my birthday wish from the beginning."

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