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I'm way out of the loop!

Are there any new Spander fics y'all know about that aren't posted on Bloodclaim? Heck, I'm still discovering fic from a couple of years ago. And don't give me the Spander files link, cause I've already devoured that site, and I'm constantly waiting for new fic to show up there. I do go back and reread fics. I'm just looking for new authors, or fics, that I haven't heard about or have never read. Or fics that have been updated or completed after a long while. I'm in the middle of No More Snakes and Ladders at the moment, but I need a good list to sink my teeth into when I'm through.

The way the numbers of fic journals have expanded in the last couple of years I have a really hard time keeping up with new fics, especially if they don't post here on Bloodclaim.

Longer fics, please, the short ones leave me dissatisfied and grumpy.

Not the really dark fic either, please? Other than that, I'm game to try anything else.
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