Kimmy Jarl (kimmyjarl) wrote in bloodclaim,
Kimmy Jarl

Fic: Puzzle Pieces

Hi. This is an old-ish fic of mine. It’s short and dark and kind of strange. Wrote it when I was in a rally dark mood and I just wanted to… get it out. Kind of like punching a fist in a wall, but writing a fic instead. (I almost feel like I should ward you away from it, haha. Just... be warned :b)

Title: Puzzle Pieces

Author: Kimmy Jarl kimmyjarl 

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Sex. Blood. Rape, kind of. It’s dark and ugly. Really.

Pairings: Spike/OC, Spike/Xander

Summary: This was Spike. Of course there was something wrong with him. Season four. One-shot.

To the fic

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