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Marshmallow Covers 2/?

Title: Marshmallow Covers
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.
Summary: Spike and Xander living together for the first time. Spike’s got feelings for Xander, but it’s not much, Xander just doesn’t like Spike, or not yet anyway. 
AN: Should I post the first bit in a sep. post? The link to Chapter 1 is right below anyhow. UN-BETA'D
BTW, first post, w00t

Previous chapters: (Chapter 1)


Xander woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed and oddly content, for whatever reason last night had been a very nice sleep. Of course, having Anya’s body pressed up against him did not hurt. Xander opened his eyes lazily and startled when he saw bleach blonde hair – that was not Anya’s hair. Xander yelped or at least tried to as he jumped out of bed. He fell off rather harshly and winced when his ass hit the floor – sore bum, meet cement floor. Xander pointed at the vampire and tried to yell at him but nothing came out. Spike simply rolled over lazily and looked down at him, an eyebrow raised at him. He had the ‘what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you’ look that Xander hated so much. Spike was probably going to say something about Xander’s frantic pointing and his failed attempts at yelling but was surprised to see he could not speak either.

Then, the memories came, the smoke thing that came out of his mouth, the sudden sleepiness, the annoying-ness that had been Spike, and most importantly the feel of magic. Well, Xander could not actually feel magic, but he could imagine if only to make himself seem cooler, right? Spike seemed to recall the events too because his face darkened and he pointed at the sheets newspaper they used last night. Xander stood up and hastily grabbed the newspaper. I’m thinking spell Xander wrote. Spike frowned for a moment trying to interpret Xander’s terrible morning writing. Xander rolled his eyes and wrote on the paper again; don’t pretend you can’t read my writing. You did fine last time. Spike seemed to understand this time because he grabbed the paper from Xander. Must have been drunk then…git, Spike wrote with a bright smile, Xander scowled at him.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Xander jumped in surprise from the sound – when did phones become so loud? He picked up the receiver and mouthed a hello that got an eye roll from Spike. He mouthed shut-up to Spike and received Spike’s ever-classic two-finger salute. Xander snorted and turned back to the phone – of course, there was no one actually talking to him, but Giles’ music was playing softly in the background; Xander mouthed okay and sighed when he remembered he could not actually speak. He sat the phone on its receiver and looked at Spike. He could just leave the annoying vampire here and ask him to scout for whoever cast a spell on them or he could try to convince someone else to take the vampire. Of course, it was a very low chance since Willow and Tara were at school, and even if Buffy were not at school, she would probably have a pile of dust before the end of the week. That left Giles and even Xander was not mean enough to leave Spike in the company of a horny Giles…wait, Xander was supposed to be worried about Giles being concerned about Spike, not the other way around. It had to be a side effect to the spell, okay so that was a little doubtful, but he supposed he could be a little sympathetic to the undead.

He turned around and all thoughts of sympathy left; Spike was currently shredding his favourite shirt and looking utterly satisfied with his work. Xander opened his mouth and shut it with an audible pop; he really had to stop doing that. He simply grabbed the vampire’s arm ignoring the indignant look on the vampire’s face and pointed at Spike’s duster. He grinned at Spike’s huff and watched the vampire childishly cross his arms and pout. He went to the bathroom to get ready.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes he was walking in the sewers with a blanket covered Spike. Of course, Xander picked out a large Batman print blanket to cover the vampire – he was not that nice. He almost felt annoyed to have the vampire with him until Xander realised there was no way he was leaving the vampire at his home. Spike’s hand grabbed his arm rather roughly and Xander spun around in question. Spike was looking at him with his finger to his lips and was looking past him. Xander hoped there was nothing big behind him, and he really hoped that grumbling was his stomach. He took a peak behind him and felt his stomach drop. Behind him was the ugliest excuse for a demon he had ever seen – it was big, it was dripping, and boy did it smell very, very bad.

Xander probably would have been shrieking as if a banshee if he had not lost his voice and if Spike had not grabbed his arm and started running. Spike was a little too fast for him and caused him to trip a few times, but each time Spike would pull him up. After what seemed like an hour or two, they stopped. Xander was leaning on Spike’s shoulder and Spike was sniffing the air cautiously. It already smelt bad for Xander; he wondered how bad it had to be for Spike. Spike had a hand still on Xander’s arm, and Xander could not help but notice it. He stared down at the offending hand and almost yelped when Spike tightened his grip suddenly. Spike pulled him against the wall and he groaned when his back pressed against a dirty, slimy wall. Spike covered him partially and kept his back to Xander. He wondered what the vampire was doing when that thing from before turned into the passage they were hiding in.

The demon took a sniff and looked in their direction. Xander stiffened and waiting for the demon to get closer but it simply nodded its head once or twice and turned away. Xander stared at the thing in confusion but took its escape as a good sign. He looked at Spike and frowned at the look the vampire had; he had his lips pursed and his eyebrows drawn together – he looked like someone had put lemon in his blood…not that Xander had ever done that, and even if he had it had been an accident.

Xander shook Spike’s arm once to see if the vampire was okay. Xander gasped out when Spike pressed him tighter against the wall, two hands were holding onto his arm and Spike had his vamp face out. Xander looked at him confusion, but Spike seemed even more confused. The vampire leaned in and Xander stiffened. Spike nuzzled his neck, and boy had the ship to weirdness totally kidnap Xander. Spike’s tongue darted out and traced a vein on Xander’s neck. Xander quickly pushed the vampire in surprise and simply stood there for a moment, both refusing to look at each other. Xander pulled away from the wall and winced at the suction sound his back made from pulling away. Xander looked once at the vampire who was looking off and walked to where they had already been.

They continued like this for quite some time; silent and not looking at each other. Xander was just trying to find out what had happened; he wondered if the demon had messed with Spike. Perhaps, the demon had created some kind of strange toxin that could only affect Spike. He sure hoped so, either that or Spike had been sniffing too much of Xander’s laundry detergent. Did the vampire even know how to use a laundry machine? Xander stole a glance at Spike and looked at the black shirt, it seemed relatively clean, but Spike had minions for that kind of stuff, did he not? He wondered if he should try to teach the vampire…hold on, the vampire could teach himself. What would happen if he told Spike to do his laundry while he was not home and the vampire made them all small and tiny? Xander glared at the vampire for a moment, while he imagined Spike dancing around in a pile of tiny Xander shirts. He also saw the ‘fat man in a tiny jacket’ but that made him want to laugh more than scowl at the vampire. While Xander was thinking to himself, they must have found their exit because Spike had wrapped the blanket over his head – and how had the vampire managed to keep that with him? Spike looked over at Xander with an unreadable expression and seemed to be looking for something. Whatever it was Spike seemed to find it because the vampire nodded to himself and climbed up the ladder. Xander watched the vampire for a moment before shaking his head and climbing up – Spike was being really weird lately.


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