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Ulterior Motives 30

Because you're all so patient, here's another chapter.

Title: Ulterior Motives

Chapter: 30/?

Word count: 6641

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: Except for the few original characters, all characters in this story are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, who have kindly allowed me to play with them. These fan fictions were written for fun, not profit. However, this story does belong to me. Please don’t snitch it.

Warnings: Probably a little of everything. Fighting, Spanking, Bondage, Blood, Gore, Bad Language,

Pairings: Spike/Xander

Beta: aayesha_r

Spike woke Xander a bit early so he'd have time to wake up before heading for the dojo. Xander shambled around the bed room for a bit until his brain kicked in. He stretched and rubbed his head then went to the closet.

“I'm just going to wear my gi. If anyone doesn't like it, they can talk to you.”

Spike just grinned. “Like that. I'm in the mood for a touch of violence.”

“Why don't you come and work out with me? You need to work off some of your energy before court. You're always better off if you beat up something, one, whatever.” Xander looked at Spike with hopeful eyes.

“Well, sure, why not. An', you'll notice that I'm bein'...being careful of my accent.”

“You sure are. Come on. Master Bruce will make us both run laps if we're late.”

“And how do you know if you're late?”

“Unless he's changed, I'm supposed to be there at 6 on the dot. By my watch, he knows I don't cheat. So, it's ten 'til.”

Spike nodded, “We better go then. We'll be right on time.”


Master Bruce nodded to Xander and then Spike. Xander bowed back, but Spike hesitated.

“Master Spike, I told you that I would be careful with him until we were sure he was well. Do you not trust me?” Master Bruce was getting ready to be offended, but Spike just held up his hand.

“I was thinking that I could work out a bit. I'm restless.”

“Ah! Of course. Come then.” Master Bruce bowed, one master to another.

“I will set Xander to his exercises then we'll spar.”

Master Bruce told Xander to do his kata until he was sweating lightly then cool down with Tai Chi; last, he was to do a yoga flexibility routine and then meditate. He finished his instructions with, “And don't think I can't keep an eye on you and work out with Master Spike at the same time.”

Xander just smirked at him. “Sure. I'm on my best behavior. So, go. Fight Master Spike.”

Master Bruce gave him a beady-eyed look and went to spar with Spike.

Spike had been warming up while he waited. He knew better than to work out without a warm up. He assumed that Master Bruce was already warmed up. What martial arts master would be waiting on a student, cold?

They moved to the other side of the dojo, leaving Xander plenty of room to work out, and themselves enough room as well.

Master Bruce expected Spike to forego the formalities so he was surprised when he bowed, one master to another, then took up his stance. Bruce bowed back and waited for Spike to make the first move. Which he did by jumping up and aiming a roundhouse kick right at his opponent’s head. This didn't work very well as Master Bruce ducked under it then caught Spike on the back swing. Spike used the force of the kick to flip out of the master's reach. After that Xander went back to his workout as they were nothing but blurs. He knew the match was going to go on for quite a while. Spike was very good and Bruce was his equal. Bruce might have the edge in technique, but Spike had the edge in real life experience.

They ended with a draw, which didn't surprise Spike or Xander, but Master Bruce was just a tad bit put out, as Xander said. Master Bruce hadn't expected Spike to be quite as strong as he was.

“Well, that was a bit of a surprise, Master Spike. Come on, then, we need to check on Xander. He's doing quite well, for not having any of your blood for a while.” They both walked over to Xander, who was finishing his yoga routine.

Xander settled in for his meditation and felt Master Bruce touch his back; he realized that he was slouching and straightened up. A soft, “Good”, was his reward. He felt a bit tired, but not too much so. He knew he was supposed to be meditating, but he eavesdropped instead.

“How much formal training have you had?”

“None. I just pick up stuff quickly, especially when my life depends on it. I watched Rupert train the Slayer, Buffy. Then I tried the moves out on fledges. Wonder what degree I'd have if I had formal training.”

Master Bruce thought for a moment. “With your experience and your skill level I'd say you deserve at least a 6th dan belt. Xander has a 4th dan already.”

Spike shrugged. “That's good, I guess. I have no idea what that means.”

“Ah! Of course not. Well, black belt, or obi, is the highest color you can attain. When I was a student, that was it. Then, new forms were invented, and weapons got better. So we needed higher rankings. The black belt was given two stripes on each end. White, then yellow, orange, and so on. To indicate the dan, or senior level. You are purple and Xander is green. I don't believe in belts myself, there's more to a level than how many forms you know. I'd give you, in my private ranking, a level of pure killer. Xander is just below you in that. It's more about the mental attitude than skill. Xander would kill many 10th level black belts because he has it in him to actually kill someone. They'd lose because they aren't ruthless enough. He's just below you because of his skill levels and no other reason.”

Spike blinked for a second. “Oh, well, shit. He's that good?”

“He's that ruthless, when he feels he has to be.”

Xander didn't twitch a muscle. He thought about Master Bruce's opinion and decided that he was right. He'd kill in a second if it was necessary, and his definition of necessary was his own.

Spike rubbed his face, glanced at Xander and pulled Master Bruce into the hall. “Boy has ears like a vamp. Where's Yakov?”

“Went to do some visiting. He'll be back soon.”

“Oh, Ok.” Spike turned back to see Xander laying flat on his back, a peaceful expression on his face. “How long should we leave him?”

“Another few minutes then he needs to go to his office.” At Spike's puzzled look, he explained, “I talk to his secretary. She keeps me aware of what he needs to do so that I don't exhaust him on days he needs to work.”

Spike nodded, “I'll stir him in five.”

“Very good, and before I forget, Mister Giles said that the minion Thomas Dalton would like to speak to Xander this afternoon. If you approve.”

Spike shrugged. “Sure, tell him I said it was Ok.”

Master Bruce bowed and left.

Spike watched Xander for the next few minutes. He looked much better than when Spike had found him. He was putting on weight at a fantastic rate, and his tan, which had been washed out by the strain of the curse, was showing again.

“Xander?” Spike's soft call didn't even make Xander twitch.

“Yeah. I'm done. Office?”

“Yeah. Come on, I got work to do, too.”

Xander sighed. “I'll shower and be right up.”

“No, come with me. Last of the pressies.”

“Ooo, more pressies.” Xander grinned like a little kid. “I like pressies. Is it something really good?”

“I think so. I'll even use it. If it's Ok with you, that is.”

“I'm sure it will be.” Xander dragged Spike to the stairs. “Show me! Now!”

“Greedy little shit.”

“You betcha.”

So Spike took Xander through part of the gardens and through a hidden door. Xander sniffed once; the smell of chlorine was heavy in the damp air. Xander took one look and grabbed Spike.

“Oh, man! A pool! My very own pool! Thank you so much.” Xander just grinned, stripped off, and went skinny dipping. Much to Spike's disgust. The pool was situated under a huge skylight, and the late afternoon sun made it impossible for him to enter. He contented himself with standing in the hallway and watching.

Xander made several laps then climbed out. There were towels on a small rack at pool side, and he helped himself, drying off quickly. He put his gi back on, wrinkling his nose at the scent.

“I'll be keeping some clothing here from now on. That was great. Spike?”

“Not vamp friendly until dark, pet. But you enjoy it any time you want.”

“Sorry. I didn't know. I'll get an order in for the glass as soon as I can.”

Spike shook his head. “No, don't. It's your special place. Someplace I can't go. Just for you. See?”

Xander did. “Oh, that's... that's... yeah. Thanks. We better get to the office. I've got a ton of stuff to go through, and then I'm not sure what. But, big lunch, maybe two. And a nap.”


Xander suddenly got a big eyed look. “Oh, shit! I forgot about Bud, Tara and Giles. They were going to come see me at the dojo. Fuck!”

Spike held up a hand. “Don't fret yourself. I told them all to come to your office to see you. You're not going to bury your nose in a bunch of translations right off the bat. Now, come on. Tara's probably waiting on you. Sylvia will not be pleased if we put her schedule off.”

Xander happily followed Spike to the offices.


Tara knocked on the door and waited for the deep voice to call, “Come in.” She opened the door and blinked. Xander had called Timmins and had him bring some clothing to the office where he'd unashamedly stripped off the gi and put on the charcoal grey linen trousers and light grey cotton button down shirt. His shoes were Gucci, worn without socks. Tara blinked for a second. The clothing clashed a bit with his hair. The war locks on either side of his face made him look fierce. Then he smiled.

“Tara, I'm so glad to see you. How are you? Bud treating you Ok?”

“Bud is... he's very good to me. He's taken me everywhere. All he has to do is wear a pair of sunglasses. Even at night, people around here wear them. Can you imagine? It's really strange. And there's all sorts of things to do at night. Shows and... and... I'm babbling. Sorry.”

Xander laughed. “It's nice. Sit down and relax. I don't bite. Except if it's Spike.”

Tara laughed softly and settled in the comfortable chair that Xander motioned to. He buzzed Sylvia and asked her for one of Tara's favorite teas. When she brought it in, Tara thanked her and took a sip.

“It's really good. Do your beads need renewing?”

Xander shrugged. “Not really. I think just their natural influence is good enough. Do you need anything?”

Tara shook her head.

They gossiped for a while and laughed over this and that. Tara finished her tea, and in proper social style, excused herself and left, giving Xander a quick hug and peck on the cheek. Xander hugged and pecked her back. Sylvia nodded her approval and announced that Bud would be there in three minutes.

Bud showed up in two, knocked on the door and opened it without invitation. Xander just grinned at him.

“Hi! How's everything?”

“Good, good. You're a shit, you know that, don't you?”

Xander nodded. “Yeah. Sorry. Did Spike have a complete spaz?”

“Howled like a kicked dog. Really unsettling. And sulked, pouted and generally acted like someone who was missing the other half of himself. Shame on you. He insulted you, you should have come to me. We'd have handled it properly.”

“Really? What would we have done?”

“Gone out and gotten pissed and come back. Passed out and made him take care of you.” Bud grinned at Xander.

“Yeah, evil undead wouldn't do anything like that. He'd just let me wake up with a hangover and laugh.” Xander grinned back, knowing that Spike would do no such thing. He offered Bud a coffee, which he accepted.

They exchanged the sort of chat that men do. Xander burped, Bud snickered.

Sylvia stuck her head in the door just in time to hear. “Ugh! You're just disgusting. Bud, out. Mr. Giles is here.”

Bud just stood up and waited until Xander walked around his desk. They hugged and bumped fists. Bud nodded to Giles as he left.

“Giles, hello. You look... um...” Xander stumbled to a halt. He'd seen Giles the night Spike had found him, but hadn't paid that much attention to him. Now he wasn't sure what to think of the 'new' Giles.

“Like Ripper. I know. I've been working on loosening up a bit. How do you feel?”

Xander sighed. “I think I'll have little cards made out. I'm fine. I need to gain back a few pounds, but Spike and I... we've reached an understanding. Things are looking up. Tea?”

“That's good. And tea would be great. Thanks.”

Sylvia brought in tea for both of them and smiled at Giles. “Your companion has finished his research; he says that he'd like to talk to Xander this afternoon.”

Giles just nodded his thanks, sipped his tea, and let Xander ramble. Which Xander happily did. He realized that this was the 'olive branch' in their relationship, and he accepted it with both hands.

Giles finally put down his empty cup and said kindly, “Xander, as interesting as all this is, and I do mean that, I need to speak to you about something.”

Xander stopped talking and just looked at Giles for a moment. “Ok, what? But if this is about Spike and me, don't bother.”

“It's not about you and Spike. You're nineteen and your sex life is your business. If he becomes abusive, I'll try to help. But, frankly, I doubt he'll do that. He was frantic when you disappeared. No, it's about your reading difficulties. I'm sorry I... um... well, I'm not a trained teacher, so I had no idea that you might have a disability. There's a vampire who knows about these things. He'll be coming to meet you this afternoon. Cooperate with him, and we might be able to help you.”

“Oh, good. I always knew there was something wrong, but I could never figure out what. Things crawl around, and ’saw’ and ’was’ don't look different, and a lot of other stuff. But Sunnyhell is well known as the 'I don't care' capital of the educational world. But why can I read some writing easily and others look like... I'm not sure what?”

Giles easily admitted, “I haven't a clue. That's what Tom is doing. He's reading all the newest literature on several specific learning disabilities, and he has an idea. There's some tests he wants. After that, we'll know something.”

Xander picked at his lip for a second. “Ok, I'll go along as long as Spike approves.” He glanced at his watch and stood up. “I'm sorry, Giles, I've got to run you off. I've got some arrangements to make, and I need to get started on them. Will you be in court tonight?”

“Yes. Um... as I said before, it's not my business, but... be careful what you do. If you humiliate Spike too much, he... he's very proud. Not to mention the damage to his 'face'. Las Vegas, or even all of Old California, could get completely out of hand.”

Xander just nodded. “I'm well aware of what could happen. But, Old California? Not sure what you mean. California is a state, right?”

“Yes, California is a state. And the state of California was admitted into the union in 1850, but the divisions of the continent into four Vampiric Dominions was done in 1630. So California is very large and Louisiana includes the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and some others that I have forgotten. The Eastern Seaboard Domain is all of the original colonial states and part of Canada. I'll see if I can't find you a map.”

Xander gave Giles a pole-axed look and sat down a bit abruptly. “Oh... um... I see. Wow. I'll take that into consideration.”

With that, Giles excused himself and Xander called Sylvia into the office, requested she see if Timmins could attend him, and set to work.

He had Sylvia do the writing so that he could concentrate on the particulars. He made up a list of things that Spike had to do to gain forgiveness. It wasn't long, nor particularly difficult, just very detailed. When he was done he asked Sylvia to type it up like a contract and give it to Timmins for a look over, then Timmins was to give it to him for correction.

Timmins looked it over in hand written form, and nodded his head. “Very complete, detailed, and, as Miss Tara would say, doable. I don't see that any corrections need to be made. It can stand as is. I'll go prepare your lunch.” Timmins stood up, bowed to Sylvia and left. Xander gave his last instructions for the final copy.

That done, he went home for lunch.


Xander was lounging in bed, eating a second lunch and watching the TV when someone knocked on the door. He crawled out of bed and shambled to the door. When he opened it he nearly slammed it again. He didn't know the vamp on the other side.

“Thomas Dalton. Master Spike accepted my fealty. I'm here to talk to you for a moment and ask you some questions.”

Xander blinked for a second then shut the door in his face, announcing, “Not until I clear it with Timmins.”

Thomas waited patiently, well aware that Xander had reason to be cautious. The door opened, and Xander gave him grudging permission to enter.

“Ok, Timmins said. What do you want? I'm going to sit down. You can sit where ever you want. And if this is something to do with Spike's punishment, that's personal. So, what?”

“I'm the one who has experience in learning disabilities. I'd like to interview you as a start to your diagnosis.”

“I thought your name was Tom. Sorry. Giles just dropped your name into conversation, and I wasn't paying proper attention. So, what's the what?”

Thomas thought for a moment, evidently trying to see how to explain everything to Xander. Xander just waited, something he'd learned from Spike and Master Bruce.

“Well, there are several learning disabilities that you might have. I'm leaning towards dyslexia and there are several tests that I want you to take before we do anything else. I'm not a diagnostician so I'd rather have someone else do that. I am, however, quite qualified to help you conquer these problems. You're not stupid by any means, nor even illiterate. And I'm sure your memory is excellent.”

Xander sighed, “Ok, one, I don't test well. Two, where would we have to go, and three, can Spike and Bud come, too?”

Thomas smiled gently. “I understand exactly. So, one, the test is not pass/fail, it's diagnostic, to see what you can do how you do it. Two, we have to go to the Las Vegas Learning Disabilities Clinic; it's out in the 'burbs somewhere. And Master Spike and Bud have to come, or Master Spike will have, what my mother used to call, a tizzy.”

Xander considered this for a moment. “Ok, make an appointment for next week. I can't do it any earlier. Thanks.” Xander stood and held out a hand for Thomas to shake. “Mr. Dalton?” Thomas raised an eye brow. “I really want to learn to read better. I'll work hard, but I won't tolerate being treated like a child, or an idiot. Ok?”

“I would never presume to do so. I'll leave you now.” He bowed and turned away, smiling to himself. This was going to be easy.

Xander eyed his back until he closed the door on it. This was not going to be easy.


Spike bit at his lip. He was ready for court, he hoped. Xander had sent a note asking him to come to court 'dressed appropriately'. Whatever that meant. He poked through his closet, trying to decide what to wear.

Something, anything. Then he decided. Something symbolic, Xander was big on symbols. He found what he was looking for and put the clothing on. He wondered what Xander was going to wear.

The other part of the note was that Xander wanted an apology, and an explanation made to the court. Spike could understand that, and he could do it. He didn't even see any problem with it. The court would do as he said, or else. And he could be quite inventive with his ‘or else’s’.

Timmins stuck his head in the door and told Spike that Xander had left for court. Spike grinned at the expression on Timmins' face, or rather the total lack of expression.

“Don't approve?”

“It's not my place to say. I'll bring you something to change into.”

Spike didn't argue. Timmins was a force unto himself.


Xander paced for a moment. He needed to look just right: powerful, in control, in command. But not too dressed up. Not a suit. He eyed the suit that Timmins had put out. “Too Mafia. What the hell is he thinking?” Xander never realized that Timmins could hear him clear down the hall, and was laughing up his sleeve.

Finally Xander found what he wanted. He selected a pair of black military BDU's and a tactical shirt; over that, he pulled on a linen button down shirt which he left open to the bottom of his breast bone. He took some time to decide between a pair of tactical boots and an old pair of combat boots. He decided on the newer tac boots.

Xander looked at himself in the mirror, trying to see himself as someone else would. He saw a young man on the edge of true maturity, powerful but inexperienced, willing to learn and open hearted. He saw someone physically strong, capable, and still growing. He liked what he saw.

Timmins peeked out of the kitchen to see Xander stride off down the hall. He picked up the pile of folded clothing and followed a minute later.


Spike waited in the outer entrance hall, penitent and jittery. He knew that Xander was inside, on the dais, waiting on him. He wished for a smoke, he wished for a drink, but most especially, he wished he'd kept his temper.

Finally getting control of his nerves, Spike motioned to the minion to open the door, took a deep breath, and walked through the door. He walked down the center of the aisle that had been left from the door to the dais. Xander watched him, expressionless and still.

Spike didn't saunter, didn't swagger, or strut; he just walked. He kept his eyes on Xander who looked back gravely. Spike knew he had some definite groveling to do.

Xander waited until he got to the base of the dais then announced. “I already explained what is going on. No one,” he glared around the court,“I repeat, no one will snicker, laugh or even breathe heavily. If they do, they'll answer to me.” Spike couldn't help a gentle glow of pride; Xander's glare rivaled his own.

Spike cleared his throat. “I have come, supplicant, to you. I have wronged you. I wish to make amends. Tell me how.”

Xander just handed Spike the paper. “Read. If you agree give it back to me.”

Spike raised an eye brow, but obediently read the paper. He blinked, reread it then just handed it back.

One, prepare yourself for a belting.

Spike took off the shirt he was wearing. He'd left off shoes or boots as was tradition. He walked the few steps left to the dais, handed the shirt to Timmins, and looked around; against one wall was a whipping post.

Spike took off his belt, knelt on one knee and offered it to Xander. Xander took it and nodded once. Spike stood and went to the post. There was a ring set in it, just high enough up that Spike had to reach to get ahold of it.

Xander walked up behind Spike. He looked at the court and announced, “This is your Master. He has more honor than you can understand. This is what you're dealing with. He will not expect of you what he does not give himself. Remember.”

Spike waited for the beating of a lifetime, he got the unexpected. Xander raised his arm and brought the belt down across Spike's back. One time.

The sharp crack was unexpectedly loud in the silent room. Spike didn't even flinch, he'd bear his punishment stoically, hoping Xander would find it in his heart to forgive. Xander rolled the belt around his fist and said softly, “Turn around.”

Spike obediently turned, a puzzled expression on his face. “That's... all? That's it? What?”

Xander just held out his hands. “Kiss?”

Spike started to kneel to kiss the belt that dangled from Xander's hand. Xander tossed it away, peeling it off his hand with a flick of his wrist. “Not that. Here.” He pointed to his mouth.

Spike staggered a bit, Xander wanted a kiss? He could do that.

Xander enveloped Spike in his arms, realizing for the first time that he was actually more than four inches taller than the vampire. He nuzzled his nose in the sandalwood scented side of Spike's neck, took a deep breath then raised his mouth to Spike's. The kiss was long, sultry, wet, and passionate. Xander finally had to pull away to breathe.

They separated a bit and Xander took a really good look at Spike's clothing. “Um... no, just no, a world of not a chance. What the hell are you wearing?”

“Traditional supplicant's ... rags. Don't like it?” Spike peeked at Xander through his eye lashes.

“No! Look like a beggar. Where's Timmins.” Timmins stepped out of the shadows at the back of the dais. He just handed the clothing to Xander and smirked at Spike.

Xander waved Timmins away and helped Spike get dressed, noticing that the bruise from the single lash of the belt was already healing.

Spike eased back into Xander’s arms, ignoring the babble from the court. “One lash was nothing. 'M I forgiven?”

“If you can figure out what the lash was for. I'll think about it.” Xander's coy expression didn't fool Spike for a second.

“The lash was for losing my temper. I'm really sorry. I should have listened.”

Xander leaned down to kiss Spike again, and the court couldn't stand it any more; they broke out in cheers and laughter. This court was going to be much more fun than the old one. And California finally had a Master who was going to do the right thing, most of the time.

Spike snarled at them half-heartedly, making the braver ones laugh more. Xander just snorted.


Spike followed Xander back home and had to laugh at the second item on the list of his forfeits.

Two, I get to top for one month.

“You have any idea what you're doing?”

Xander grinned and admitted, “No, but I'm sure if I'm doing it wrong, you'll tell me. Loudly, and often.”

Spiked smirked, “Vampire, love. You have to try really hard to hurt me. And you don't want to at all. It'll be fine. Come on.”

Xander shrugged. “That's just it. I don't want to hurt you. And my manly manness insists that you enjoy it. You made sure I enjoyed it. I want you to, too.”

Spike had to hang on to Xander's shoulders to keep from falling down, he laughed so hard. Xander gave him a look of mingled disgust and amusement.

When he finally stopped laughing, Spike announced, “Manly manness? Oh, hell, pet.” He hugged Xander then took him by the hand. “Come on, then.”

Xander allowed Spike to lead him into ‘their’ bedroom, in other words, Spike's room, which Xander had refused until now to occupy with him. He had looked around at the huge living area as they went through, and approved of it. He'd also caught a glimpse of a library/sitting area first door on the right in the hall he had been half dragged down.

“Easy there, I'm not going to disappear in a puff of smoke.”

“Better not. You do, and... well, I'm not sure what I’d do.”

Xander turned, caught Spike by the waist and lifted. Spike was stronger than anyone would ever think, but he weighed in at about 130, easy for Xander's martial arts hardened muscles. He was still a little short on endurance, but his strength had returned with his morning workout. He tossed Spike onto the bed, and pounced.

Spike yelped when he felt his feet leave the floor, and again when he hit the bed and bounced. Xander grabbed Spike by one arm and tugged. “Off. Nice clothes, but off. All of them. Now.”

Spike obliged, easily shedding the linen trousers, shirt, and soft leather loafers that Timmins had handed him not more than ten minutes ago.

“There, pet, now what?”

“Lube, where's the lube? I know you have some. You never touch me without a ton of the stuff.”

“Have me dry, if you like. Don't mind.” Spike watched Xander with dilated eyes.

“No, I don't think so. Ouchy. For both of us.”

Spike just pointed to the bedside table. “Drawer.”

Xander retrieved the tube and sat on the bed. “Ok, I know how to go about it, but if I hurt you, I want to know at once. Got me?” Xander pinned Spike with a firm eye.

“Ok, pet, this is all yours, you know. All your way, what ever way you want.”

Xander crawled across the bed to lean over Spike. He pointed one finger right at his nose. “And don't you forget it.” Spike licked the end of Xander's finger. “Oh, you're gonna get it now.” Xander rubbed the wet end of his finger across the tip of Spike's nose, making him giggle.

“Aren't you a bit over dressed, pet?”

Xander stripped off, tossing his clothing everywhere. He didn't even bother to get off the bed; he just knelt up and then sat down. Spike moaned softly; Xander was still a bit ribby, but he looked great.

Spike jumped a bit as Xander lay back down on top of him. “Love you, Spike. Pay attention.”

Spike just replied, “Love you back, Xander.”

Spike reached to take his knees in his hands. He pulled them up to his chest and just watched Xander. Xander settled between Spike's bent legs and smiled at him over his chest. “Yeah, just like that, and I'm gonna...” Xander slid one finger into Spike making him groan. “Good?”

“Yeah. Real good. Don't need to go so easy though.”

Xander leaned down, pinning Spike. “Do, too. Shush.”

Spike shushed because Xander settled between his thighs and started kissing him. Slow, sensuous kisses. Kisses that took his breath away, even if he didn't have any. Kisses that made his head spin and his belly clench.

“Mmmm, more.”

Xander kept kissing and slipped a second finger into Spike. Spike barely noticed; he was too occupied with sucking on Xander's tongue.

When Xander eased a third finger into Spike, he finally found that little spot he had been carefully searching for. Spike surged upright with a yell that made Xander snicker. He pushed Spike back down and worked that spot, rubbing his middle finger over and over it. “No coming until I say.”

“No... bloody hell, pet. You're killin' me.”

Xander just snorted then started nibbling Spike's neck, still pinning him down with the full weight of his body, not that it would do much good as Spike's sit-up had proven. But neither Spike nor Xander really cared.

Spike panted and squirmed. “Now. Now. Now.” Xander obediently smeared lube over his raging erection and pushed Spike's knees closer to his chest.

Xander carefully lined up with Spike and pushed in. He froze. “Oh, my God. You're so tight. So... so cool.”

Spike bent double and kissed Xander. “More. Move.”

Xander moved, thrusting into Spike until he found the sweet spot again. Then he became ruthless, thrusting hard and hitting that spot every time. Spike moaned and lost his grip on his knees. He wrapped his legs around Xander's waist and groaned, “More, harder, faster. Move.”

Xander obliged, muttering, “Pushy, pushy. You're supposed to be the bottom.”

“ 'M on the bottom.” Spike licked Xander's neck, sniffing deeply of his cinnamon and salt, earthy smell.

He lifted his hips to give Xander a better angle. “Close, love, so close.”

Xander just panted and increased the speed and force of his motions. They exploded at the same time, shouting. Xander collapsed on top of Spike with a whimper.

“Spike. I. Brain dead. Fuck.”

Spike just rolled, easing Xander onto the bed. “Yeah.”

“Spike?” Xander rolled his head to gaze at Spike.


“That was incredible. How soon can we do that again?”

Spike laughed, rubbing his cheek against Xander's sweat-soaked shoulder. “As soon as you can get it up. I'm ready now.”

“Evil, undead git.”


Three, no more hiding your blood in something, I get it straight and from the source.

Xander woke, stretched and reached for Spike. Who wasn't there. “Hmm? Spike? Where are you?”

Xander rolled to his feet and started to go look for Spike, but he stuck his head in the door and called, “Come into the kitchen, pet.”

Xander smacked his lips, realized that he had morning mouth from hell, and went to brush his teeth first, calling out, “Be there in a sec.”

Spike grinned at Timmins who just raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. He'll do it. He's my boy.”

Xander walked in just then, smelling of mint and flowers. “Spike, I don't really ask for much, but that frou-frou flowery soap has to go.” Timmins just nodded and made a mental note to get Xander's personal things moved at once. “And what is this?”

Spike held up a shot glass and a straight razor. “Not hiding the blood anymore. This” Spike shook the shot glass at Xander. “is about what you should have every day.” He put the glass on the table and used the razor to make a shallow cut on his wrist. He held the cut over the shot glass and let his blood run into it until it was filled up to the 'shot' line engraved on it.

Xander didn't ask any questions; he just reached over and picked up the glass. He bolted the blood shot like a shot of whiskey. He shuddered once then put the glass back down on the table. “Thank you. Breakfast?”

Spike looked blank for a moment then he gave Xander a look of combined awe and love. “That's it?”

Xander shrugged. “It makes me strong, so I can keep up with you, protect you, be with you. Breakfast? Any time soon?”

“Git.” Spike held out a hand to Timmins who sourly handed over a dollar.


Four, give me something expensive and unexpected. You'll have to think about this one.

Spike groaned; he'd been thinking and thinking what he could get Xander that was unusual, expensive and something Xander would like. He'd put Sylvia to the task and gone to sit in his office in the dark.

“Got it, sir. Perfect. Something he'll never think of. And part of it he can eat and the rest is a great souvenir. He'll love it.”

Spike blinked at the picture on his computer monitor. Sylvia had tapped in the URL while he was trying to catch up to her.

“That's perfect. Do you think the man will come here?”

“Probably, if you pay him enough. It takes two days to get it, no matter what. I'll get in touch with him.”

Spike prepared to get Xander this special treat, no matter what.


Xander watched in amazement as a carefully dressed Spike brought out a wheeled cart covered with mysterious containers.

First, Spike opened a flocked box and took out a Baccarat Harcourt crystal champagne coupe. He carefully put the flat bowled glass on a gold charger.

Then he picked up a strange looking flat package and a gilding brush. He flicked the page back and lifted the gold leaf out carefully; he eased the square of gold into the coupe then added another, lining the glass with 23k gold.

Xander watched this with puzzlement. “Can I actually eat that?”

Spike nodded. “Food safe. Actually doesn't taste like much. Now the ice cream. Vanilla, made with Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla, organic even.”

Spike opened a thermal container and carefully took out the five all ready made balls of ice cream with a sliver spoon. He arranged them in the coupe, careful not to disarrange the gold.

After satisfying himself with the arrangement of the ice cream, Spike picked up a crystal pitcher full of Amedei Porcelana chocolate syrup and drizzled it all over the ice cream. Xander's mouth started to water. Then Spike added chunks of Chuao chocolate from a sliver box. Xander reached for his treat.

Spike patted his hand away. “Not done yet.” He retrieved the packet of gold leaf from its place and added a piece to the top of the sundae. Then into it, he carefully stuck the stem of the gold, pulled sugar orchid, made especially for the occasion by Ron Ben-Israel.

Another box, made of crystal, yielded marzipan cherries, gold dragets, and a truffle, which Spike placed on the charger.

The last touch made Xander blink. Spike placed a small mother of pearl dish on top of the sundae; it had been resting in a small crystal bowl of ice. The pink caviar smelled like passion fruit.

Spike handed Xander a gold spoon and set the sundae in front of him.

“There you go, pet. A Grand Opulence Sundae, compliments of Serendipity, New York City. No one except the owner himself has ever made one before. It took a lot of persuading, let me tell you. And it cost a grand. Enjoy.”

Xander blinked once, smiled in total bliss and dipped his spoon reverently into the confection. He placed the spoonful of ice cream, chocolate, and gold in his mouth and rolled it around on his tongue. The burst of vanilla, chocolate and cold made him moan. “Oh, man. That's almost... orgasmic.” Spike snorted trying not to laugh. “Ok, laugh, but it is. Taste?” Xander offered Spike a spoonful.

Spike opened his mouth and allowed Xander to feed him a bite. “Yeah, love, it's good. But it's all for you.”

Xander smiled. “Ok, I know you don't care for ice cream that much. But.... mmmm.” Xander ate another spoonful. “It's really, really good.”

“Glad you like it. Done deal?”

Xander nodded. “Done deal.” He went back to his sundae, eating with relish.


The sundae really exists. You can read all about it here.


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