my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote in bloodclaim,
my monkied brain

an unusual fic search question - searching for an author

I know the fic, I just don't know the author -

Fic title:  Boy (uh-huh)
wayback archive link:  here

It's a toe-tingling hot AU where Xander is an older man-about-town who is checking out gay clubs in his new city, and finds William as an underage (19) after hours fighter (a la a gay fight club) who he takes home and ... well, breaks in is too harsh a word for it.  It's fantastic (I'd highly rec it), and the only links I've found are dead ones leading to the story with no mention of author name.

Anyway, does anyone know who this was written by and if they're out there writing somewhere?  I would love to find more stories and express my appreciation.

ETA: looks like it's an author named automatedalice who no longer writes anymore. :(
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