timothymcdonald (timothymcdonald) wrote in bloodclaim,

S/X FIC Search (Sorry)

I'm really sorry to bother people with this, but it's reallly bugging me. I read a few chapters of 'The Golden Boy' and was reminded of a similar, though much longer story I was reading ages ago. I would love to know if the story was finished and where it might be found. I don't remember the author or title or would look on Spanderfiles.

It was human/AU. Spike was a detective and Faith his partner. They were after a serial killer who left a rose at the scene of the murders. Only Spike and Faith knew about the rose. Xander was a clairvoyant or medium who came forward to help Spike. They fell in love. Willow and possibly Andrew were in the story. I remember Spike was surprised how much Xander ate!

Ring any bells? Thank you to anyone who can help, I would really like to re-read and hopefully complete the story.
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