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Fic rec: Amnesia stories

"Sweet Memories", by Kayla was the first amnesia fic I read and I go back to it often. The boys are so sweet, and maybe just a little too innocent, but so adorable I can't help grinning all the way through. The only thing that really made me blink was the mention of Oz's former... occupation? hobby? I'll let you decide.

Next up is "Precious", by MJ Gage. An amnesiac Spike thinking Xander is his sire is sweet, but the idea of Spike having a baby demon is just too... precious for words. And the re-training of the demon has to be seen to be believed.

"Reaping The Reward", by Spikedluv is a WiP, currently 25 chapters long, though only 24 are on site as I type. This is so much more than an amnesia fic, but there's a Xander, and a human William who is very very familiar, so... Oh, and Sunnyhell is no more and the action is set in LA, with appearances by the Angel brigade.

The last rec of the day is "Through The Eyes Of A Child", by Cath. Xander gets injured by a demon and mentally regresses to childhood. Spike takes care of him... aaaaawww!!!
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