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The Darkness Inside--Chapter 1/18

Title: The Darkness Inside
Chapter Title: Loose Ends
Author: whichclothes 
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Obviously, I'm not Joss Whedon
Summary: AU after BtVS Season 3.
Warnings: I hate spoilery warnings, so let's just assume that dark stuff, non-con, m/m, torture, occasional character death, violence, kinks, language, and other fun things like that are likely to happen here.
Author's Note: This is a sequel to The Right Tool, which can be read here, or a quick summary can be found here. It's less graphic than RT, but chock full o' angst, and you should still heed the warnings. I'll post a chapter a day, and comments are muchly appreciated. Huge thanks to kid_viciously  for the beautiful (NWS) art, and to shapinglight  for vetting my British!

Some chapters, like this one, are longish, so I'll post them in two parts.

Chapter 1a: ( I’m starving, he thinks sleepily.  )
Chapter 1b:
Spike's mouth drops open.... )

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