justme813 (justme813) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search

I can't remember if this is spander, but i'm pretty sure it is...

Something happens to xander and he's put in the hospital... they call the scoobies and they all go up to see him, only buffy and willow are being self-centered and they end up riding in a car with giles, because riley and oz are tired of listening to them yap and go in another car with joyce... angel and co are also called in for some reason or another and someone (i think it's spike) realizes how strong xander is while he's in the hospital...

i'm almost positive this is spander... but it might be xangel... if it is, just let me know and i'll delete this post... but i've been looking all over for this thing...

and, in fact, any serious buffy and willow bashing would be awesome... i really don't like those two and require some theraputic fic

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