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Fandom: BTVS (and some Angel mixed in later)
Author: i_luv_trees
Pairing: will be Spike/Xander, and minor pairings sprinkled in
Rating: R for some language and a tiny sexual reference
Summary: thinking about life

Note about cannon: totally up till Joyce's death, and then I'm going to parallel the rest of season 5 until Buffy's death, my story will be 'off-camera' mainly, until Buffy's death,*except* for changing the scene where Xan proposes to Anya.

This is the beginning of a story (still untitled) I’m working on, have been working on *forever*, the story is unfinished, but I will have more time to work on it now so I’m going to dive back in. I don't think I've ever put this out, but if I have my apologizes. It's new and improved, now!

Unbetad for the moment, please bring any mistakes to my attention.

Prologue Part One, Early evening November 18th, 2001
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