margarks (margarks) wrote in bloodclaim,

podfic and tagfic

For those interested I did a podfic of ladycat777's Lattice and Pearls. Nice, dark, sexy Spike/Xander fic. Ladycat's description of the fic is - Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily. Dark. Completed, although more could potentially be added. S/X. AU NC-17. Her fic is here

Also, for anyone interested ladycat and I have been doing some spander email tagging. Warnings for lots of kink, especially the daddy variety. I have compiled what we have so far here. No name, header, or actual beta, since we're just tagging back and forth thru email. It's just over 30k words right now.

Hope it's okay to post without headers. Sorry! It's definitely seriously NC-17+ though.

ETA: for those who can't view xhtml pages, I've uploaded an html version
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