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Carnivale Mystique

Title: Carnivale Mystique
Author: BmblBee
Rating: NC17
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in this
story and make no profit from it.

Summary: A mysterious carnival appears on the outskirts of Sunnydale.
Despite the sudden disappearance of townspeople and pets, Xander is
intrigued and wants a closer look. What he gets is more than he could
have imagined.

This story is based on a suggested story idea from the lovely Mystic Oblivion.

As always, thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the banners that put the perfect
visual to my words.

Buffy and Willow met up at the predetermined place and time. Without
their usual, bubbly greeting, they silently joined hands and headed down the
worn dirt path to the field of demons, as Buffy had taken to calling it.

"You know what we are supposed it do, right?"

Buffy let out a small huff at Willow's question.

"Contrary to popular belief, Willow, blond hair does not cause mental

Willow tried not to be hurt by the cutting tone and sarcastic reply. She
tallied up the stress factors of the whole vampire, demons and now missing
friends and she decided to cut Buffy some slack. She also wondered if
there wasn't something else, something a bit more personal bothering her friend.

Trudging through the underbrush, Willow glanced over.

"Buffy, you are o.k. with my whole Wicca helping you thing aren't you?"

Buffy stopped and snatched her hand from Willow's. She then crossed her
arms over her chest and cocked her head to the side. As long as the topic
had been broached, she might as well get it all out in the open.

"I just think it's strange that all of a sudden, right when we are in the middle
of this carnival situation, that you pop up with all this hocus pocus bull crap
and hijack my Watcher when I need him most."

Willow was flabbergasted, but this time she would not back down.

"Well, in the first place, I told you last year that I was interested and involved
in this 'hocus pocus bull crap'. Secondly, you have had a few secrets of
your own, haven't you, Miss Slayer pants? So, whatever your problem is
with me, I suggest you just stick it in your pocket, Missy, till we find
Jesse and get rid of this cursed carnival. Then you can be as bitchy as you
want. Now if you don't need my help..."

Buffy slumped and dropped her hands as her foot scuffed the dirt.
"No. No, I'm sorry. I'm just going through some things lately. I'm glad
you are here with me. Hey, have you still got the Jesse thing-a-ma-jig?"

Willow reached into her pocket and pulled out the crystal. It continued to
glow and pulse with a clear blue light. Willow stared at it and frowned.
"Do you think it is dimmer than it was?"

Buffy just shrugged. Jesse and that little trinket in Willow's hand were the
least of the things on her list of important shit.

"Yeah, it looks good to me. Hey, come on. We only have an hour
before Xan and Giles get here with the matches and the torches. We have
to warn the humans, subtly of course, and find Jesse. I have an idea!
Why don't we split up and cover more ground?"

Willow's heart skipped a beat.
"What? No. Giles said to stay together."

Buffy just poo pooed her worried friend and grabbed her hand, dragging
her quickly out of the woods and onto the carnival grounds.

"Nothing to worry about. Come on."

As soon as they passed through the gate, Buffy spun around.
"O.k., you go this way and I'll go that. We can meet up at the far side
and compare notes. If you find Jesse, bring him along. Got it? Good.
See ya."

Willow threw her hands up at the rapidly retreating back of the Slayer.
"Yeah, but...... I don't think......Buffy?"

Buffy dashed around the side, zig zagging constantly to make sure Willow
could not follow. When she was sure she had ditched her, Buffy ran straight
for the first trailer on the left to warn her lover of the planned attack.

Leaping up the two metal steps, she turned the knob and stepped inside.
The interior of the dark trailer was cool and silent. There was still over an
hour till sunset so she knew her Angel would be tucked in bed, probably
dreaming sweet dreams of the two of them together.

Quietly, she crept toward the closed door of their bedroom and she pushed
it open. She slipped up to the side of the bed and looked down on the two
sleeping figures. Buffy was furious. The fucking bastard had betrayed her
again! Spinning around, she finally found what she was looking for.
The stake that she had discarded after dusting Harmony.

Grabbing it up, she rushed toward the bed, her eyes flashing and her
lips stretched back in an angry snarl. The second her arm came down,
Angelus's hand flew up to meet it. In full game face he roared and his clawlike
hand gripped her wrist.

He leapt from the bed and backhanded her in the face sending her reeling and
tumbling across the room. The tall, thin, pale woman next to him popped
from the bed laughing and clapping her hands. Her nude body glowed in the
dim room, her white skin a stark contrast to the black hair that flowed
around her shoulders and bushed between her legs.

Buffy glared at them but made no move to get up from where she had landed.
Glancing over at Drusilla, Angelus blew her a kiss before turning back to
the pitiful creature on his floor.

"Not feeling quite yourself, Slayer? A little peaked maybe?"

Immediately, Drusilla squealed and clapped.
"Bad Daddy. I can smell all the bites on her. Daddy sucked almost all the
naughty Slayer's blood. It made her weak, it made him strong."

The woman's sing songy childish voice only served to make what she was
saying more horrifying. Buffy knew it was true. She had been bitten at least
a dozen times. Her breasts, between her legs, her stomach, her back and
her neck. It had been arousing and addictive.
Each time he bit her she begged for more.

Now, here she was, weak was a kitten. If he wanted, he could kill her in a
second. She stared at him, broken hearted and unbelieving. She was torn
as to what to do next. If she had any dignity, she would stand up, curse
him and walk away. If she still loved him, she would warn him first. Tell
him what was coming and give him a chance to escape.

The truth was, she wanted to beg. She wanted to crawl to him, apologize
and plead with him to take her back in to his bed, to fuck her, use her and
most of all, bite her.

In the end, the decision was not her's to make.

Grabbing her by the forearm, he snatched her to her feet and shoved her out
the door.

"It's over. Buffy. Put a period on it and move the fuck on. You have no
imagination, you bore me and your pussy is too sloppy."

Rolling down the metal steps and landing with a thump in the dirt, Buffy came
up with tears of humiliation in her eyes and her best retort on her tongue.

"Oh, yeah? Well.....fuck you!"
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