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Ahh Heck! Fic search, please?

Alright. I thought I had this bookmarked but I guess I don't. And I've googled with no good results. Can someone please point the way to the fic where all the scoobies are actually filming the show? And it gets to be Spike and Xander who are the gay couple on the show. Xander freaks sbout the gay thing, then ends up dating a young guy, Spike goes to Xander's house and sees the young guy there and his feelings are hurt. Xander ends up with Spike in the end anyway. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I bookmarked this fic. But none of the bookmarks I have ring a bell. The title has the word Act in it I believe. I looked at Spander Files too and I couldn't seem to locate it there either.  :/

(ETA: Acting Out by Markedxu)
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