Ashley's Writing (awritinglilypea) wrote in bloodclaim,
Ashley's Writing

Fic Find

I am relatively new here but not new to Spander or this fandom and a friend and I were reminiscing, sharing our fave fics and she told me about this fic and now I am intrigued and want to read it. This is what she remembers.

-Future fic
-Xander goes to visit Spike
-Spike won't stop moaning about Buffy
-Xander was sad because he loves Spike.
-Spike barely notices him
-Xander breaks down and tells Spike he can't do "this" anymore because he is sick of being looked over and he won't come back.
-Spike has a mini revelation and smoochies commence.

Anyone know? She also mentioned she remembers the site it was on was bright pink with yellow.
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