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Hard Times for Spike and Xan chapter 2

Chapter 2
Title: Hard Times for Spike and Xan   
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 2/?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Xander and Spike's lives spin out of control. How do they fix it?
Warning: none
Disclaimer: I don’t own
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. In this one, Warped plays Spike and Nightmare plays Xander (its usually the opposite). This was also Nightmare’s first rp EVER.


The next day, Xander woke up around 10am. He felt more rested then he had in a long time. And it was all because of Spike.

Thinking of Spike put a grin on his face and he desperately wanted to see him again. 'Should I go now? Is it too early? Spike would be asleep now, right? And I had told him that I knew he didn’t like to be woken up yesterday. Would he mind if I was the one to wake him? Does he even still want to see me?! Ok, calm down Xander. Just breathe' His mind was crazy with want and doubt. He wanted to see Spike, to spend the day together, even if Spike slept through it.

He finally decided to stop thinking and just do what felt right. Before he knew it he had grabbed his keys and wallet and was out the door.

Spike woke up and looked out, and saw it was about 10am, and he sighed and closed his eyes again, "There is no point in waking up yet. I will just sleep ‘til someone wakes me up, to talk to, to hang out with, or do some work." He sighed, closing his eyes and burrowing deeper into his bed, the covers over his whole body, where it was warm and dark.

Spike let out a harsh sigh, ‘Bloody hell... why me? Why did I have to fall for a bloody human...' He shook his head and closed his eyes again, slowly falling back asleep.

Upon arriving at the crypt Xander stopped to think about what was about to happen. He was going to spend the day with Spike. A vampire who he lo- Liked. But he couldn’t be happier.

Now he had to decide to knock or just go in. Not being able to choose, he pulled out a coin. 'Ok, heads I just go in. Tails I knock.' He flicked the coin up into the air and caught it in its decent. 'Barging in it is.'

He slowly walked to the door and pushed it open. Everything looked the same, 'Was I expecting it to look different?' He giggled to himself.

After shutting the door he tiptoed to the hidden ladder that lead down to Spikes 'room'. He was careful on his way down, making sure not to slip and wake Spike up. Once safely on the ground he turned to find Spike on the bed. 'My God, he's beautiful.' He was suddenly frozen but the shear beauty of the vampire before him.

Spike let out a soft sigh and moved, the blanket sliding down past his hips, and down to his thighs, revealing his naked body. He could almost feel someone’s heartbeat near him, feel the blood rushing through the persons veins. He arched his back a little, and peeked open his eyes. When he saw Xander, he jumped and covered his body. "Bloody hell! You should wear a bell or something, pet," he gasped.

It took Xander a minute to realize that Spike was awake and talking to him after seeing that body. He felt his face heat up and quickly tried to act normal. Clearing his throat he answered, "Funny, I remember saying the same thing to this vampire I know a few times." He was being witty! Xander Harris was being witty! 'Oh my God, I think this is the best day of my life.' "Sorry I woke you up. I know how much you hate that."

Spike waved it off and patted his bed, "Come sit down, just..." he paused to yawn, his hair sticking up, his eyes droopy from just waking up and he then grinned at Xander, "Did you like the view I gave ya?" he chuckled as he climbed off the bed and covered his waist with the sheet, and grabbed some clothes, dropping the sheet, not caring for his modesty and changed into his normal everyday outfit, and sat on the bed. "So pet... you really wanted to hang out with me?" he tried to reply casually but it was asked nervously.

'Is he trying to kill me! God, and that yawn, I never thought a fucking yawn could be that cute!' He tried to force himself to look away as Spike changed, pretending he didn’t hear Spike's first question. He was slightly disappointed once Spike was fully dressed, but quickly ignored that thought.

He went over and sat on the bed next to Spike, a little nervous... well ok, really nervous. 'Jesus, I feel like a blushing virgin.'

"Um, I was just bored and I thought that maybe you were bored too..." he slowly drifted off, realizing how dumb that excuse was.

"Actually I wanted to thank you for last night. I owe you one," he said this awkwardly, studying the floor. 'He needs to vacuum,' he thought.

Spike grinned as he sat up and looked at Xander with a small tilt of his head, "Don't need to thank me for that, Xander. I should thank you if anything," he grinned, reaching over and lightly touching Xander's hand. "You like me... don't you? You like me the way I like you and care about you," he whispered softly as he leaned closer to Xander. "Please, pet, don't lie to me," he practically begged as his lips were placed almost an inch from Xander’s.

"I..." Xander’s stare was going back and forth from those gorgeous blue eyes and those delicious lips. He could feel himself trembling slightly. 'This is too much. This is exactly what I want. I never get what I want. What’s the catch?' He was trying to find the answer to the question in Spike's eyes. What he saw there made his heart stop and start again quickly. All he saw was a hint of wariness and an abundance of love. And he knew that Spike could see the same in his eyes.

He looked down to their clasped hands, squeezing Spikes briefly, as if to make sure it was real and to let Spike know it was real too. He swallowed the lump in his throat and looked back up into Spikes eyes.

"Yea, Spike, I do," was all he could bring himself to say. He felt like he was going to cry again, but this time it would be tears of joy.

Spike smiled, a real bright honest to god smile, and he moved the rest of the way forward and pressed his lips firmly against Xander's.

Spike groaned, "Please don't tell me this is a dream," he whispered as he kissed Xander deeply, his tongue playing around the brunette’s bottom lip. His hands traced up Xander's arms, and down his chest.

'God, that smile.' Spikes lips were so soft, so tender, it was wonderful. "If this is a dream," Xander paused to continue kissing Spike. Pulling back he finished, "then I am going to stake you when I wake up."

The blonde groaned and pulled back, "Pet, if this is a dream. When I wake up, I am gonna stake m'self," he chuckled.

Spikes tongue was wet and cool. It felt like silk against his lips. Of course Xander had kissed before, I mean, he did date Anya, but he never kissed a man. He never kissed someone he felt so strongly for. But he wanted to.

Slowly, hesitantly, he opened his mouth to allow Spike's tongue to enter.

Spike gasped when he felt Xander's kiss. He pulled Xander onto him as he laid back, his arms wrapping around Xander's waist his hips lightly thrusting up into the brunette's.

'This feels so good. I feel like I'm gonna die, but fuck, what a way to go. On-top of Spike, his arms around me.' As Spike thrust up into him, Xander thrust down into Spike. Feeling that the vampire was equally hard, he gasped.

"Spike," he moaned as he pulled back for a breath, cursing the fact that he needed to breathe. Pushing his lips back against Spike's harder, he twined his tongue around the other and sucked as hard as he could. Reveling in the taste that was purely Spike, it was intoxicating.

Spike let out a hiss, then vamped out, and stared up at Xander with a lustful look in his eyes.

"Xan..." he growled, breaking the kiss and licking his bottom lip. "How bad do you want me pet?" he purred. ‘God...I want Xander so fucking bad. He makes me sooo hard. Hope he can feel it.’ Thrusts up and his hard cock rubs against Xander’s, ‘Oooh, nice, he is just as hard as me...maybe harder.’ His hands groped down Harris' body, and gripped onto his back end, pulling them tighter together.

"What do you want pet?"

"Fuck, Spike" He looked into the yellow eyes of the vampire under him and he knew he should be afraid but all he felt was lust and love.

"Spike..." He was still panting from the kiss, "Spike, God, want you so bad."

When Spike asked what he wanted he paused. 'What do I want? I don’t know what I want. I want Spike, I know that, but I don’t know what to do here.'

"I... I've never done this before, you know, with a... a guy," he hesitated, now more nervous then before at the realization that this was about to happen and he had no idea what to do.

Spike hissed, but nodded, "I am so glad I am gonna be your first. And I am also gonna be your bloody last too. No one is gonna take my Xan from me," he purred, lightly nibbling on Xander's chin, even though he was vamp'ed out, but he didn't care, he could tell that Xander Harris trusted him, and he was so very glad for that too.

'He is mine. Someday, I am gonna claim him. No one is gonna stop us.' Spike pushed his finger's under Xander's pants, over his butt.

'He wants to be my last too? Does that mean he’s gonna kill me after? Or that he wants to be with me... forever...?' The thought of being with Spike till the end was making Xander’s heart race faster than ever. He wanted to be with Spike. He wanted to BE Spikes. The feel of Spike's hands under his pants and on his ass made him shiver and thrust down again.

"Don't worry pet, I will take good care of you. I have only done it a few times... and it was with the poof." he gave a lazy grin. "Would you have guessed that the poof was the bottom?" he chuckled, and kissed the side of Xander's neck.

"Spike, I swear, if you talk about Angel, this is going to end really fast. And not the way you would hope."

'Eww if he talks about Deadboy I am so getting up and leaving. I don’t want to think about that. EVER.'

There was a vampire kissing his neck. He should be so scared that he was pissing himself. But all he did was moan and tilt his head, giving Spike more access to his throat. He always had a little bit of a neck fetish, which was so wrong considering that he lived on the Hellmouth and worked with the Slayer.

Spike pulled back with a hurt look, "I was just telling you. I didn't do it to gross you out. I was just explaining who I was with and in which position, incase you cared to know. Didn't mean to make you angry for talkin' 'bout him." He bit his lip as he thought of what to say. ‘Maybe, we are going to fast...’

At the hurt look on Spike's face, Xander felt a sudden pain in his chest. 'I didn’t mean to upset him either.'

"Xan..." he trailed off, not really sure how to explain it to Xander. "Vampires are very sexual, and open creatures, but I don't want to be just a creature to you. I want to be something real, something serious. And I think we should take it slower..." Spike looked down and couldn't meet Xander's gaze.

Xander felt the pain in his chest worsen after what Spike said. He leaned on one forearm and used the other hand to pull Spike's chin up, so he was looking into his eyes.

"Spike, you will NEVER be just a creature to me. Never." He slowly leaned down and kissed Spike softer then he had ever kissed anyone before, trying to send all the love he could through it to reassure Spike. "But I think you might be right about slowing down. I really really like you and I want this to work out."

Spike smiled as he changed back, looking at Xander with a thoughtful expression. "Yeah... we need to take it slow, maybe go out on a few dates, restaurants, movies, and all that jazz. What do you think about that Xan?"

Spike could swear he could feel all that Xander was feeling in that kiss. It was just amazing, and more so. He wasn't giving up and Xander ever. And he meant never.

As Spike smiled, Xander could feel the pain in his chest disappear.

'Dates... with Spike?' This thought made him want to laugh hysterically and it took all his power not to. Yea, he wanted to go on a date with Spike, he just couldn’t picture Spike on one. Spike and HIM on one.

"Yea, Spike. That sounds gre-" He cut himself off as a sudden thought chilled him to the bone.

'What will the Scoobie think of this? They would never be ok with this.'

Spike looked at Xander worriedly when he stopped talking, "Xan?" he asked quietly, almost scared of the reply. "Oh... bloody hell Xan! What are we gonna do about the scoobies? The Slayer is gonna stake me first then ask questions later. And it's not like I can, bloody buggerin' fuck, fight back! Red and Glinda might not say anything cause they are together, but the Slayer... the Watcher, I don't want to see him go into Ripper mode and tear me a new one." Spike was so lost, he didn't want to die right when he got the perfect person for him.

Xander tried to calm the panic that was rising within him. He needed to think.

He rolled off of Spike and sat up on the end of the bed. His elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. He pushed the bottom of the palms of his hands into his eye, suddenly feeling like he could cry.

'I just found him. I cant loose him, I'll die. I know I will. We're going to be together, no matter what. Even if it means...'

Taking a deep breath he looked up and stared at the wall across from him. "We'll just have to remove it... that way you can fight them off..." he said this in a bit of a lost voice, almost like he was talking to himself.

Spike looked at Xander confused. "How...How are we gonna remove the blasted chip?" He growled, forcing Xander to turn and look at him. "We aren't gonna take the chance. We are gonna go to the Magic Box, and we can tell them we have feelings for each other. If they all start complaining we can leave. But, if it is only one or two, like Slutty or Watcher, we are gonna stay and talk them out of getting mad and doing something drastic. Alright pet? We are gonna be near each other the whole time," he soothed, hugging Xander close, almost afraid he would lose him if he let go.

He wrapped his arms around Spike and squeezed. "Spike... if-if they try anything, you have to promise to run. Not back to your crypt, not back to my place, just run." He loosened his grip so he could lean back and look into Spikes eyes and show him how serious he was. "Promise me."

'God, those eyes, I would do anything to be able to look into them every day for the rest of my life.'

Spike opened his mouth then shut it, then opened it again, "How will you find me?" he asked uncertainly. He didn't want Xander to make him run and then just leave him alone while he kept running, and Xander stayed with his friends. "Your not gonna leave me are ya pet?" he asked in a husky authoritive tone, vamping out on Xander while he still stared at him.

At seeing his vampire vamp out he couldn’t help but chuckle. 'Wait… MY vampire?'

"I don’t plan on ever leaving you. Even if you want me to. Sorry, but you're stuck with me." He placed a gentle kiss on the ridge of Spikes vamped forehead while giggling. He couldn’t believe he was this confident about the whole Spike/Xander thing.

"I'll find you. I don’t really know how at the moment, but I will. I just can’t risk you getting dusted. If I went with you I would just slow you down. I WILL find you Spike, I wont give up looking until I do."

Spike still looked uncertain but he nodded, and started purring after Xander kissed his ridges. "Good. I will be waiting for you if it comes to that. But, hopefully, it won't or there will be one pissed vampire," he growled.

'Xander, please. If I am away for too long... I think I would die,' he told the imaginary Xander in his head, almost hoping the real Xander would hear, but that was asking for too much.

Wanting to make Spike purr again, 'I like that, he's like a big kitty', he kissed the ridge again. Then started to rub his lip gently against it, to keep the purring going.

"If it does come to it, I'll find you as fast as I can, Spike. I don’t think I could live without you for too long." He didn’t mean to let that slip out, it seemed a bit to extreme and he didn’t want to scare Spike away. Hoping the vampire didn’t hear the last part, he continued to run him lips over his ridge. Stopping every now and then to place a kiss.

Spike smiled, the purr escaping without him really noticing, "I feel the same way pet."

The way Xander was kissing and running his lips over Spike's ridges made him purr louder, and make him slowly fall back asleep. "Xan... making me tired," he yawned a little, reaching up and wrapping an arm around Xander's mid section. "Love ya," he whispered, mostly asleep.

Xander suddenly froze at what Spike had said. 'Did he mean he's In Love with me? Or just that he loves me doing this? Stop Xan, he's half asleep, he probably doesn’t even know he said anything.'

He placed a kiss on Spike's lips and got up from the bed. "Come on, Spike. Lay down and sleep. I did wake you up in the middle of your 'night'. I don’t blame you for being tired."
He tried to hold back a yawn, 'Man, Spike purring is so soothing,' but finally gave up and let it out.

"Come on. Time for all good vampires to be in bed."

Spike grinned and peeked open an eye, "Thanks Xan. I did mean it tho’... I am really falling in love with you. But I doubt anyone would believe a stupid evil vampire would fall for a human with a beautiful and kind heart," he sighed, getting comfortable on the bed, and he reached over and pulled Xander down in front of him, cuddling close. "Sleep with me pet, I will wake you up when it is dawn," he whispered into Xan's ear, gently kissing it.

It took Xander a moment to realize what Spike had said. 'A beautiful and kind heart? He really thinks that? Wow.'

It took him another moment to realize he was lying on the bed in Spikes arms. "You're not a stupid evil vampire, Spike. You're so much more different then any vampire I have ever met, seen, or read about."

He burrowed his face deep into Spikes shirt and inhaled deeply. ‘This is exactly where I belong. Until the end of the world, right here in Spike's arms.’

Hoping that Spike was asleep and that his face being buried in Spike's shirt would muffle his soft words he finally admitted what he tried not to before. "I love you, Spike"

Spike secretly smiled, hearing what Xander said, but he didn't want to embarrass the boy, so he let it go and just cuddled close to him. It didn't take him long to fall asleep, listening to Xander’s soothing heartbeat, lulled him to sleep, forgetting about cruel slayers and scary watchers. He nuzzled the top of Xander's head, purring quietly in the darkness and quietness.




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