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Mods, Feel Free to Remove. PIMP POST FOR xmas_n_july - Because We Want The Fire Back.

Despite my lack of fic lately, I am a Buffy and Angel girl at heart, as a lot of us are. And in the past few years, we as a fandom have been through a lot - cancellations, new projects, fandom wank and drama the likes of wish made me sick to my stomach.

Well no more. It's a new day, ladies and gentlemen. A day of returning home to the fandom we know and love. It's been a hard few years to be in the Jossverse, especially on LJ - I get that. And both shows have been off our screens for a spell...but that means we don't have to let them just fade away.

A few weeks ago, in a harried mess of midterm anxiety, I went about searching for the comfort of some old haunts, the sites I went to before I knew about LJ. I knew a few had closed down, but what I found was so depressing - at least 75% of the sites I know and love are dead and gone, and the ones that are still around haven't been updated in years. It bothered me, alot - this fandom is unlike anything I've ever encountered and I know I am just one person, but this fandom has given me so much. It was the least I could do to try and revive it, at least in my own small way.

So, after a lot of reflection and discussion with the lovely vamptastica and xela_fic, I have this to offer to you all. A celebration of a set of shows that showed us it was ok to love being the freaks we were, and that we weren't alone. A show that gave us somewhere to turn to when we felt the most alone, that shaped a generation of geeks everywhere.

xmas_n_july - Because We Want The Fire Back. xmas_n_july

A Fic and Art community that isn't quite as large of a commitment as a big bang, but just as fun. Here's the gist:

1) Sign Up starting April 1st.
2) Prompt with Fic or Art ideas (EVEN IF YOU DON'T SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE.)
3) Do your magic.
4) Begin Posting it up on July 1st.

All info is posted on the community's profile, HERE. Frequently Asked Questions are HERE.

This is my first attempt at such a venture, but I have Vamps and Xela with me as well. We are all strongly committed to making this a fun, stress-free return to BtVS and AtS.

So let's all get together and have a good time! Nothing like a little vamp-dustin' to get your heart all aflutter.

Come on. Once More With Feeling, Folks.

Love and Wishing You Monsters,


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