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Rough Diamond

Notification of new story

Hi! The Bee has returned to the hive and is about to start to weave another tale.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banners, the story idea and for holding my
hand during the writing.

First, I would like to thank everyone who read and commented on the Porn Duck series.
It was a lot of fun to do and Dudley may do a follow-up. As for whose bare ass
that was in the ending, the Bee never reveals her sources. Oh, and for the person who resented Dudley calling you a bunch of low rent bitches, if you don't like it, raise your prices.
Seriously, you know how rude and crude Dud can be. No offense.

The basics of the new story are:

Title: Rough Diamond
Rating: NC17 - Of course.
Paring: S/X - What else is there?

Warnings, this is an HAU! That means HUMAN. So, no Sunnydale/Buffy
exact timelines. Also, this is a plot based story. There is sex, mucho sex, but
it will get there when it gets there. Constantly telling me to hurry up won't help.

Summary: Xander is a prostitute and he enjoys it. He is 19 and works the
streets as his chosen vocation. Spike is 32 and a very successful detective.
Unfortunately, Spike has some serious OCD issues. Our story sees Xander
taking on a client that has some ugly repercussions and a murder occurs.
Luckily, Spike is on the case.

NOTE: This is NOT in any way related to Rosebud and the difference will
quickly become apparent. Also, different characters are used rather than
the usual Angel, Buffy, Willow etc, although some of them do have very small parts.

Posting: This story runs for 43 chapters and, as usual, will be posted daily with
one big exception. During the second week of May, the Bee is taking a trip
to Graceland. That's right. A vacation to see the jungle room! Posting will
resume when I have spotted 'E' hiding out or one week, which ever comes first.

Credit for the plot bunny and the fab banners, of course, go to Petxnd.

So, buy your ticket, climb aboard and keep both hands inside the ride at all times.

We will leave the station tomorrow morning.

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