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Fic Search Help!

I have been searching and searching for this fic and it's driving me crazy! I am pretty sure it's on Spanderfiles, I thought in First Times and Beginnings or in Developing Feelings, but I have searched those and I can't find it. I don't remember the exact time frame of the fic, but it starts in Sunnydale, before Glory, towards when Spike first showed up chipped I think. It shows Spike and Xander having feelings for each other and going out on real dates, like to see Shakespeare plays. This is one of the things that I remember best: Spike and Xander have pet names for each other. Spike is Benedick and Xander is Beatrice. Does anyone remember this fic? Eternal graditude awaits whoever figures it out!

Found: White Knight, Black Knight by Amejisuto

Props and praise go to meaura_at_home for finding it!

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