heeroluva (heeroluva) wrote in bloodclaim,

There's actually a few things that I'm looking for.

The first is a beta for a few different Spander pieces that I've finally gotten around to finishing. They're all about 3000 words each.

I'm also looking for a fic which that might be either Spander or Xangel or maybe even all three of them together. And I may have multiple fics mixed up in this. But what I recall is that Xander was turned by Spike, but because he wasn't really Xander anymore Spike didn't want him, so he leaves and goes to LA where he tries to get Angel to kill him but he won't. I think Angel and Xander may get together, but then Spike realizes what he wants and goes to LA to try and get him back.
Found: Othercat's Momento Mori and the follow-up In Loco Parentis

I'm also looking for any Spander fics where Xander is turned into a vampire and is either rejected by his sire or friends.

Thanks in advance.
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