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Hard Times for Spike and Xan chapter 5

Chapter 5
Title: Hard Times for Spike and Xan   
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 5/?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Xander and Spike's lives spin out of control. How do they fix it?
Warning: male Masturbation
Disclaimer: I don’t own
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. In this one, Warped plays Spike and Nightmare plays Xander (its usually the opposite). This is also Nightmare’s first rp EVER.


Before they knew it they were at Xander's. He pulled the key out of his pocket, unlocked the door, and him and Spike stepped in. As he shut the door, he tried to figure out what happens now. 'Does Spike sleep on the couch, or in bed with me? Or do I sleep on the couch and he sleeps in my bed?'

His mouth suddenly very dry from nerves, he made his way to the kitchen sink. He filled up a glass with water and quickly gulped it down. Then, after refilling it, he started to drink this one slower.

"Are you okay pet? You look nervous..." Spike trailed off as he looked Xander up and down, he was damn good looking, and so adorable. 'He smells like he is nervous, and... almost shy,' he grinned as he walked over to Xander.

"Ya know pet, we could always make clones of us, and have them as Alexander and William, so we have all the time to ourselves," he purred, leaning closer to the brunette. "Also, do you want me to sleep on the couch, or... in your bed with you? I mean, were not gonna do anything for a little while, since we are taking it slow... and bloody hell! I am starting to babble like you and Red," he blinked as he shook his head in amusement.

"I'm fine, Spike. Just... I don’t know, I guess trying to get used to this." He placed the glass in the sink and turned to take Spike into his arms. "I... I want you... umm... in the bed... with me." Looking down, afraid to meet Spikes eyes, he added, "I mean, if you want. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But I defiantly want you to. Its gonna be hard not to do anything, but I want you with me. And now you got me babbling. Thanks, baby." He said with a roll of his eyes.

Spike couldn't help but grin at the endearment, 'Baby... I like it!' He wrapped his arm around Xander's waist, "Well pet, I will control my urges if you control yours," he teased, giving Xander a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, pet. I think we are gonna have to get more blood if I am gonna be living here with you," he gave a small grin, hoping Xander won't disagree to this.

'Don't freak... don't freak. Take a deep breath.' Spike did, all the while looking at Xander and gauging his reaction.

"Living... here? With me? You... you would want to live with me?! Really?!"

By the look in Spike's eyes, he meant what he said. With a goofy grin to rival all goofy grins, Xander pulled Spike tighter against him. He buried his head between Spike's neck and shoulder, which was quickly becoming his favorite place to be, EVER, and squeezed. He knew he was hard from the thought of having Spike with him at all times, and that Spike could feel it, but he didn’t care. Spike wanted to live with him. "God, Spike, Baby, I would love it if you lived here with me." He placed a kiss to Spikes neck.

Spikes eyes shut as Xander kissed his neck, and he purred loudly, "Pet... that spot is very sensitive to me." He whispered huskily, his eyes dilating and starting to vamp out.

'If he keeps going like this, I will give into him soon.' Spike thought to himself with a grin. He tilted his head, "If you keep doing this... I will let you call me anything and do anything you want," he sighed softly, his eyes now drooping a lazy smile on his face.

"Fuck," hearing Spike purr and say those things in a husky voice made Xander’s cock throb. He moaned and lightly thrust his hips, meeting Spikes equally hard member. "We have to stop this, Spike," he said breathlessly. His mind was telling him to back away from the sexy vampire, but his body was telling him to get closer. So far, his body was winning.

Spike nodded, "Right, pet… right." He let out a fast breath and backed away from Xander, "Core, pet, you are irresistible." He had to let out a slow breath and smiled at Xander. "We need to find something to do before we go after each other and shag like bloody rabbits."

William in his head was giggling loudly, and in turn it made Spike laugh, "Well... I made Will laugh."

He reached over and held Xander's hand, "I really... really want you pet, but I want to wait. I want this to be something that won't end."

After hearing what Spike said, Alexander decided to show back up. 'He made William laugh?! I missed Williams laugh?!'

Xander ignored him, too focused on trying to lessen his erection.

Alexander noticed this. 'Hey, Xan, you want me to take control for awhile?'

'Yea, sure. So you can fuck William? No, I'm good, man.' Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself to look into Spikes eyes. 'Damn I love those eyes. Love everything about him.'

"Umm, well I should probably go to bed. I have work in the morning... Although I do have some vacation time accumulated, maybe I'll just ask for it now."

Spike looked at Xander, and by the look on Xander's face, he knew his love was talking to his... bad half, which made Spike snicker. He watched Xander, looking into his brown eyes.

William decided to make himself known in Spike, "Your eyes are like pools of chocolate, ready to be dived into."

Spike then blinked and looked at Xander with embarrassment, "I guess... William likes your eyes," he whispered, totally agreeing with his counterpart about Xan's eyes.

Xander blushed. 'Wow. No ones ever said anything like that to me.'

"Thanks," he looked down at his hands, which were fiddling with each other, suddenly very shy.

Decision made, he leaned down and pecked Spikes lips. "Come on. We should head off to bed, beautiful."

Xander walked past Spike and into his bedroom. 'Hope he doesn’t mind all the little pet names. I cant seem to help myself.' He walked over to his dresser and changed into a pair of Spider-Man boxers. 'Should I wear pajama pants? Or a t-shirt? Or both? Kinda prefer to sleep in just boxers, but would Spike mind?'

Spike grinned at the name but William, poor William swooned, giggling like a school girl, 'He called us beautiful.'

Spike let out a barking laughter as he walked toward Xander's room, then stopped instantly, "Pet, I hope you remember I never wore clothes when I slept. Do you happen to have boxers or something I could wear?" He walked into the room and looked at Xander, looking him up and down, "Very nice. Those totally go with your personality pet." He smirked as he walked up to Xander and ran a hand down the brunette’s chest, tweaking a light brown nipple. "Perfect." he purred.

‘Damn, I didn’t know nipples could be that sensitive! And the thought of Spike sleeping nude isn’t helping!’ Xander groaned. "Spike, Baby, you’re not helping this 'no naughty stuff' thing."

Spike grinned, "Well... I can't help it about the naughty things Xan," he whined. "You’re too damn tempting," he then purred.

Xander turned back to his dresser, looking for something Spike could wear. "Umm, the only thing I have that I think would fit is a pair of Batman boxers. Is that ok?" He held up a black pair of boxers with yellow Batman symbols all over. He was a little embarrassed that all his boxers had cartoon characters and stuff on them.

'Batman boxers? Interesting.' Spike thought.

"Alright pet, I will wear them. But, you have to promise you won't tell a soul about it!" He gave Xander the 'hot and sexy I will eat you alive if you tell anyone' look.

He took off his duster, and shirt, then pulled off his pants, without warning Xander about him going commando. Spike grabbed the boxers and pulled them on.

"Ta mate," he grinned running over and jumping onto the bed. "Bedtime. Hurry up," he chuckled.

Xander was frozen at the moment for a few reasons. One, the look Spike had just given him. Two, Spike being naked, even if it was only for a second. Three, and the biggest of all, Spike in his boxers. This was what made his cock jerk and leak a few drops of precum. His mind wasn’t really working. All that was going through his head was Spike... in HIS boxers. 'Gahhhh.' He had a slight feeling he was drooling. He managed to gain control of one of his hands and pinched himself... HARD. Finally coming back to reality. He turned and made his way to his bed... where Spike was. 'Fuck this is going to be hard, no pun intended.'

Spike hid the grin he had, to save Xander the embarrassment, 'It's a good thing he forgot I can smell arousal from him. I could smell it a long time ago. That's one reason I am teasing him now. Cause it is getting him all flustered.'

"Pet, how about you lay on your stomach and I give you a back massage, you look a little tense," he purred. "Oh, also. I think you should wait for about a week before you get your vacation days, so you could add a few more to it, if that is alright?"

'Stay calm, Spike. Don't give into temptation.' William suddenly said.

Spike gave a warning growl to William in his head.

'Sorry sorry. Bad saying for you.'

Spike rolled his eyes to himself, 'Bloody hell right those are the wrong words to use. Honestly William!' He then smiled at Xander with his shiny white teeth, which is weird cause of all the blood that should be staining them.

Sitting on the bed, Xander considered the massage. 'That would be really nice, but... Well I'll be on my stomach right? So not much can happen, right?' He was trying to convince himself that this was ok. Seeing the smile on Spike's face sealed the deal. "Yea, ok, Spike." He got into the middle of the bed and laid on his stomach, which in turn made him lay on his erection, but he was not paying any attention to it. Nope, none at all.

He folded his arms and placed his head on them. "Why do you want me to save up vacation days? Not that I would mind a longer vacation."

Spike straddled Xander's back end and reached up and started rubbing Xander's smooth and muscled back, and since he knew Xander was hard he massaged it so when he moved upwards, Xander's body would move up a little, and when he moved down, it made Xan move down, practically stroking Xander for him.

"Mmmm." he purred, "I think you should wait, so when we get closer, and more intimate, we can have more time to 'get to know one another' more," he whispered huskily into the brunettes ear.

Xander could feel himself thrusting the bed because of Spike's massage. 'He's doing this on purpose isn’t he?! Jerk!'

Feeling Spikes hands on him and Spikes hard cock resting in the cleft of his ass was about to break him. He wanted to turn over and ravage that wonderful mouth while thrusting up into his love.

"Yea... Now... More..." He mumbled. His mind was turning to mush. All he could register in his brain was feeling. Feeling Spike. 'Does he WANT me to do something?’

Spike grinned, he had Xan trapped, then Spike frowned, 'I can't do this to him... I promised him I would wait, and make it special.' He closed his eyes and stopped the massage, "Xan... I'm sorry I am teasing you. I knew you were all hot and flustered in the kitchen so I decided to tease you. But...I really do want to wait." He got off Xander's back and started heading for the bathroom, "I have to go to the bathroom, and take a cold shower. You stay in here...or go where ever."

Once he was in the bathroom he shut the door and put his back to it, his hand pushing down the boxers a little then grasping himself and stroking roughly. "Xan..." he panted, shutting his eyes tight.

A little disappointed that it ended, Xander turned over. Now lying on his back, his hand unconsciously went straight to his cock, rubbing it through the fabric of his boxers. 'Fuck, I shouldn’t do this with him right in the next room.' But he couldn’t stop.

He pulled his boxers down his thighs so he had better access to his cock and balls. He licked his hand and roughly started to stroke himself, wanting to do this quickly. He used his other hand to roll his balls around.

"Oh, Spike, baby, yea," he didn’t realized, so lost in his lust, that he was saying this out loud.

Spike was groaned loudly as he reached down and gently pulled on his balls, "Nggh, Xander," he moaned, his cock throbbing in his hand.

He heard his name so he listened closely, and realized Xander was saying his name while he was jerking off. "Fuck!" Spike gasped his hand moving faster over his cock, his precum making the stroking easier and much more hot. He felt himself get closer to the edge and when he did, he cried out his loves name. "Xander!" he yelled out as his cum shot upwards, landing on his chest, and on the floor, Spike gently licked his bottom lip, just noticing that he bit it as he tucked himself back into the boxers and cleaned himself up, before quietly opening the door and peeking in the room to see if Xander was done yet.

Hearing Spike call his name from the other room, he started to tug as hard as he could. The hand that was playing with his balls slowly lowered and he felt one of his fingers press against his anus. Head thrashing back and forth, Xander came. "Spike!" he yelled as cum was spurting out over his chest, he thrust upwards. He was amazed to feel some cum land on his chin.

Finally he dried out and lay there panting. 'Shit. I don’t think I have ever cum that hard in my life.' He knew he had to get up and clean off before Spike came back in, but he could feel his boneless body slowly fall into sleep against his will.

When Spike saw that Xander was done before he looked he strides in and smirked at Xan, "You know, honey, I can smell what you did in here," he purred, but stopped when he noticed the Xan was mostly asleep now. He let out a soft snort and walked over to Xander and covered him up with the sheet before climbing over and getting under it also.

Spike didn't want to make matters worse in the night so he moved to his side of the bed and made sure that him and Xander wouldn't touch anything except hands that night. He closed his eyes slowly and let sleep claim him.


lol I have both of those boxers. (yes im a girl but I wear boxers to bed)

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