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Heeelp, Oh noes, my Spander Wallpaper!!!

EEEeeeep, I was messing about with my desk top settings and somehow my Wallpaper disappeared, I lost my desktop pic and I can't find it in My Pics! Can someone help me please, please, please?

Oh Gods I hope soooooo.

It was a black and white pic mostly, Spike and Xander on the right side...,and it looked like an alleyway at night with a boarded up window and very dim lights...

This wall paper is fairly new, but I can't remember who made it, I was in love with it... *Moans* I want it back...

ETA: Never mind...I found it...I found it..It's by truly_tazi 
Jesus! I've been looking for four hours! I must have screwed up when I saved it cause it was in a place I would never have looked if I hadn't wanted to find it again so badly.

Here's the link:
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