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Rough Diamond

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters or products named in this story.
Warning: This story contains mention of prostitution, group sex, violence, m/m orgies
and one wild raccoon.

Summary: Xander is a male prostitute. It is his chosen occupation and he is very
happy with it. One night he takes on a group of clients with a friend and things
do not go as planned. When his friend is found murdered, homicide is called in.
Spike is a brilliant detective with OCD issues. When he is told to hide out in the
woods with the witness to protect, he gets more than he could have imagined.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banners, the story idea and for holding my
hand during the writing.

By 6 PM, Xander's good mood had taken a nose dive. He had failed two
inspections and knew no matter how many times he dusted, cleaned, wiped
and swiped, the living room would never be up to Spike's extreme standards.

He also realized that evening would be on them soon and they would have more
pressing issues than how many dust mites per square inch the cabin contained.
Xander stood, stretching the cramps out of his back and legs and he slammed
down his well worn rag.

He then marched purposefully into the kitchen, determined not to take no for an

"Now look here Spike, I think......WOW!"

Xander walked all around the small galley kitchen. It in no way resembled
the filthy, disgusting area he had first explored when they got there. He had to
admit, Spike knew cleaning. For some odd reason, it gave him a feeling of
reassurance. If Spike was half as good a cop as he was a maid, Xander was
safe as houses.

Spike smiled. He pealed off the rubber gloves and tossed aside the paper mask
and cap as his eyes shone with pride and satisfaction.

"It's coming. It still has a long way to go, but, it's coming."

"You've done a great job. You could eat off the floor in here. That is if we had
any food. I'm hungry Spike and that isn't all. The sun will go down soon and we
will freeze our asses off. In the dark. In the cold. What's up with that?"

"No problem, we just need to get organized. Now, according to the enclosed
instructions, we call to the village and they will deliver anything we want. The stove
here is connected to the propane tank out back, as is a small water heater in the
kitchen sink. There are lanterns in the rear shed and bottles of oil. We will need
to gather fire wood for heat. Funny....."

Spike turned the paper over in his hand then checked the envelope to see if
something wasn't missing.

".....I don't see any reference to a water heater in the bathroom for the shower.
When you checked the bedroom, did the bath have a tub or just a shower?"

Xander's good mood again returned and he sincerely regretted not having a
camera. This was destined to be one of the great Kodak moments of all time.

"Oh, did I forget to tell you? Come here."

Xander indicated Spike should look out the back kitchen window where he
pointed out a small standing shack. Spike looked on with confusion at what
it was Xander was so anxious for him to see.

"See it?"
"Wha? That little building?"
"Yep. That's it"
"That's what?"
"The bathroom."

The look of abject horror that spread across Spike's face did not disappoint.
It was everything Xander had hoped for and more, at least until the smaller
man began to hyperventilate. He staggered back from the sink and Xander
was afraid he may collapse onto the spotless floor. Xander caught him and
eased him to a chair.

"Whoa, there Buddy. Don't pass out on me now. Look, it won't be that bad.
There. See that porcelain pan over there? That's a wash pan. Just fill it with
hot water in the sink and sponge bath. It ain't that big a deal. My Mom used to
wash us kids like that when I was little. Come on, Spike. Buck up little
cowboy, we got a lot to do and a short time to do it."

Spike nodded. His face was pale and his skin cold and clammy but he knew the
boy was right. Besides the horror, he also knew that part of his shakiness was due
to his low blood sugar. Spike's delicate constitution required he consume several
small meals a day and he was now woefully behind. He realized that if he allowed himself to think about the unimaginable situation that was the bathroom, he would be totally incapacitated so he immediately forced his attention on to other issues.

"Right. Right you are. All right. I did check and the phone service has been
connected. We shall order food. First, we need a list. I am assuming they
carry a wide assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. We want nothing
high fat or prepared. You never know what those factories are infested with."

Xander rolled his eyes and snatched the phone number out of Spike's hand.
He grabbed up the handset and punched the numbers.

"Hello? Yeah this Smith. I'm up at the cabin on Possum Road.
Yeah, that's the one. Oh you've been expecting us? Great! Yeah, we're
fucking starved! Send up bread, eggs, milk, butter, beans, weenies, soup
and peanut butter. Oh, and throw in a hot pepperoni pizza. Shit, hang on a

Xander covered the mouth piece with his hand and turned to face the man who
was wildly waving his hands, harshly whispering "No high fat! No high fat!"

"What Spike? What is your problem?"

"I'll have you know I have a very sensitive system and cannot tolerate fatty foods.
Suffice to say it reacts negatively with my colon."

Xander wrinkled his nose.
"Gives ya the shits, huh?"

He then turned his attention back to the phone call.
"So, all that and give us some salad shit and fruit. Hey, ya'll got a license? Great
bring up a six pack and a couple bottles of wine. So, how long will ya be,
cause I'm hungry enough to eat the asshole out of a skunk. 1 hour? Sounds
good, see ya then."

Spike frowned.
"Are you even old enough to drink legally?"

Xander shook his head in disbelief.
"I fuck men for a living Spike."

Spike felt the bile rise in his throat. They had gotten along so well together
since arriving that he had almost forgotten. The expression of disgust that
crossed Spike's face was not lost on Xander and he snorted. It was a look
he was well familiar with but for some reason, it hurt that it was Spike wearing it.

"We got an hour before the food gets here. Why don't you wash up, that
fucking suit can't be comfortable and besides, it's filthy from cleaning.
You run hot water for a wash up and I'll go get the bags out of the car.
Then, while you change, I'll see to some firewood and fill the oil lamps."

Spike nodded. He was ashamed of himself. Xander was a nice person,
despite what he did for a living and so far, Spike was the acting the bigger
arse. He resolved to do better. This whole scenario might just be his worst
nightmare, but punishing Xander was not the answer.
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