kimalis (kimalis) wrote in bloodclaim,

Spander drabble: Like Sheena Said...

Title: Like Sheena Said...
Word Count: Bang on 100. Bang, get it? Its slash? Bang? ok, so no.
Pairing: Emo!Spike and Absent!Xander
Rating: Unclassified fun for all the family.
Warnings: Emo schmoop, angst, fluff and saccharine
Betaed by: Me cause I just couldn't put Spander Queen through it.
Disclaimer: I actually do own these characters, and I would appreciate if you would all stop using them. I'm looking specifically at you Joss.
Summary: Would be longer than the drabble, just like the header... out of which I am taking the P.
A/N:  I have issues with headers, and also today I am really really bored and when I'm bored I ramble.

Like Sheena said..

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