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Fic search.

Hi everyone! The details of the fic I'm looking for are as follows:

- There was some type of bonding/marking/claiming thing going on between Spike and Xander. I love those types of fics, so I'm absolutely certain of that.

- Xander and Spike move to LA, and stay with Angel.

- Pretty certain it was a long, chaptered fic, so them being in LA may not have been the entire plot; they may have moved there later in the story.

- Angel and Doyle were together too, I'm 90% sure. They had somehow managed to work around Angel's curse.

I read it on an off-LJ site a couple of years back, so it's not new, but I'm hoping someone here knows which one I'm talking about? Fairly slim amount of details, I know, but I'm rewatching AtS and seeing Doyle again brought it all back. (I know I've mentioned Angel and Doyle a couple of times now, but it was *definitely* a Xander/Spike centric fic. The other two were just a secondary pairing.)

Here's hoping someone remembers it! :)

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