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Rough Diamond

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters or products named in this story.
Warning: This story contains mention of prostitution, group sex, violence, m/m orgies
and one wild raccoon.

Summary: Xander is a male prostitute. It is his chosen occupation and he is very
happy with it. One night he takes on a group of clients with a friend and things
do not go as planned. When his friend is found murdered, homicide is called in.
Spike is a brilliant detective with OCD issues. When he is told to hide out in the
woods with the witness to protect, he gets more than he could have imagined.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banners, the story idea and for holding my
hand during the writing.

Spike shook his head It was a move that caused his disconnected brain to
flop painfully around in his skull as he tried to clear his thoughts.

"Do I want to?, I don't want to cook. I need to wash. I need to pee.
I need to get the fuck back to the city!"

Xander calmly laid down his egg and cooking utensil and he slowly approached
the pitiful man that was rubbing his hands roughly over his face in an attempt to force
out the hangover.

"That isn't what you need. Do you want to know what you really need, Spike?"

Spike jumped, startled at the voice that was suddenly so near.

Xander took another step closer and Spike unconsciously took a step back. Xander
took another and Spike's butt hit the edge of the table, preventing any further retreat.

With the smaller man trapped, Xander leaned forward, placing his hands on the
table at Spike's sides. It was a move that caused the detective to bow backwards
in order to maintain even a hair's breath between them. His eyes bugged and his
lungs strained in an attempt to suck in air. It caused the red flannel shirt to raise
and drop at an alarming rate.

Spike was more than aware that the confusion his big head was experiencing was
not shared by this smaller head. His dick was hard, erect and already leaving an
uncomfortable wet spot on the front of his white boxers. The boxers would
probably have to be burned.

Spike's eyeballs nearly popped from his head as he watched Xander casually
reach down with one hand and unzip his jeans. The boy then raised up on his
toes and fumbled around inside before tugging out a very large, very hard and
amazingly beautiful cock.

Spike squirmed. He knew he couldn't wiggle out from under the boy without
making physical contact.
"Wha? What are you doing?"

Xander smiled sweetly as his brown eyes pierced blue.
"I telling you what you need and since you seem to be a bit slow, I think we
need some visual aids in our lecture."

Spike swallowed and tried to sound indignant.
"Oh, and just what is it you think I.....?"

"Kissed, Spike. You need kissed. Firmly, wetly, deeply and just long enough to
knock your socks off."

Spike gasp. The fact that he wasn't wearing any socks seemed totally irrelevant.
The hot rush that was flooding his body and the looming presence of the sexual
man was overwhelming him.

Spike was not one to lose himself in a physical encounter. Even the men he
had been in brief relationships with knew that whatever sex they had, would
be done as cleanly and quickly as possible. Spike's OCD was always the
third person in the bed. But this was different. This was all consuming.

This was 'what the fuck'.

Yes, Spike had to concede, Xander seemed to be right. Apparently he
needed kissed very badly. So, with a whimper, Spike closed his eyes and
stuck his thin lips straight out in a full, fish face pucker.

When nothing happened, Spike cracked open one eye. Xander was still there,
still a fraction of an inch form the waiting smooch but making no move to
connect. Instead, he was wearing a very amused grin. Spike had a quick
flash of humiliating confusion. Had he misunderstood? Was Xander toying
with him? Spike was just about to shove the larger man away, when Xander
leaned in and whispered.

"Just relax your lips and let me drive, yeah? Just clear your mind and don't
even think about kissing. Just let me do it all."

Spike decided to try. He wanted to be indignant at the implication that he did
not know how to kiss. He had kissed before, but his hard aching cock was telling
him to shut the fuck up. So he did.

Xander tipped his head slightly to the side and he affectionately bumped noses with
his pupil before their lips touched. Lightly, briefly, like the touch of a feather, their
mouths brushed against each other. Spike sighed as he felt the tension melt away.

Tipping his head to the other side, Xander now pressed his closed lips a bit
more firmly against Spike's and Spike knew Xander was right. He had no idea
before now, what a real kiss was all about.

As the pressure grew, Xander thrust his hips forward, causing his erection
to bump and push against Spike's. Spike gasp at the power of the want that
rushed through him and his lips parted. Xander dove in. He filled Spike's mouth
with a hot, probing tongue that possessed him and tasted every inch.

For once, the concerns for the germs never entered his mind.

Spike felt his body go weak as the kiss continued and he puffed warm air out his
nose against Xander's cheek. It was a submissive lack of control that shot straight
to Xander's cock and his own desperation drove him to try to physically climb
into the detective's mouth.

His tongue licked, tugged and circled Spike's as the rest of his body staked a claim.
Xander's arms wrapped around Spike's waist and he roughly jerked the trim body
into a squeezing embrace as their hips moved, independently yet in unison, humping
and frotting their crotches.

No longer able to passively accept, Spike now enthusiastically joined in, giving as
good as he got. The chorus of whines, whimpers and gasps as they separated for
fractional seconds of oxygen, bounced off the walls of the small cabin.

Finally, Xander broke the kiss and he gripped Spike. He held him by the hips
and his fingertips dug painfully into Spike's flesh. Spike braced his hands on
the table ridge behind. He jutted out his crotch, making himself available and he
dropped his face to watch the XXX rated show that was happening between them.

Xander grunted from the strain, He widened his stance and his hips pumped
erratically as his cock frantically chased the feeling that remained just out of reach.
Then, surprising even himself, Spike released the anchor of the wooden table
behind him and he slipped his hand between them.

He slid his hand inside the boxer's flap and pulled himself out before wrapping his
long, slim fingers around the shaft of Xander's cock. His hips quickly picked up the
erratic rhythm and jerked hips in short chopping moves that slid both oozing,
rubbery cocks against the other. Within seconds they each felt the familiar tingle
and knew.

Xander threw his head back as his eyes rolled up.

"Yeah, just like that. Fuck, feels so good. Just a little more. Come on Spike,
cum with me."

To Spike, that sounded like an excellent idea. So he did.
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