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Two Bloodclaims: A Clarification

There are now two Bloodclaims. The original, at Livejournal: [info]bloodclaim, and the new one, at Dreamwidth: [info]bloodclaim. (This post has been x-posted to both BCs.)

Why? What does that mean?

A [info]bloodclaim fan offered me a Dreamwidth invite code on the understanding that I would create a 'backup' Bloodclaim community over there. And my first impulse was to create it and regularly 'import' the contents of BC@LJ, so it's all there in case something happens to LJ, or to BC@LJ. (I have a regularly updated copy saved to my harddisk.) But then I noticed that some people were making plans to migrate to DW (and some have already done so!), using the automatic cross-post facility to post to their LJ too, and I wondered how consistent they might be at crossposting to LJ comms when they had goodies to share. And I got worried.

I don't want to miss out on new Spander, and I don't want everyone who watches BC to miss out on new Spander, so I tried to figure out the best way forward, and to me, that meant opening the doors to posting at [info]bloodclaim and finding ways to have content from each available in the other. This idea is still a WiP, but the rss feeds (bloodclaim_dw at LJ; bloodclaim_at_lj_feed and bc_updates_at_lj_feed, both at DW) are a fast and simple solution until I see exactly how things are going to go.

If/when posting at [info]bloodclaim picks up, I will probably be looking for volunteers (at both sites) to collate links into posts similar to those at [info]bc_updates, so a regular post would appear at each journal, linking to the non-crossposted content of the other journal. But, as I said, we have to see how it goes.

So, there are now two Bloodclaims, and they are both run on the same rules. Fics with other pairings are allowed, so long as the predominant pairing is Spander. Crossovers are allowed, so long as Spander is a substantial pairing within the story - not necessarily predominant, but not just hovering in the background either.

I track both communities, so I receive email notification of any new posts, whether or not I'm sitting here obsessively ;) refreshing my flist(s), but I do occasionally miss things, which is why there is contact info on the profile page of my journals, and also on the profile pages of both comms. I also respond to LJ/DW PMs.

Writers, if you cross-post between the two communities, please make a note to that effect in both sets of headers. It will save everyone time and pageloads, and any future link-collaters will love you for it. Thank you. :D

In conclusion:

There are now two Bloodclaims.

Crossposting is allowed, even encouraged, but please make sure that both posts mention the fact.

[info]bloodclaim will not be leaving LJ due to any actions on my part. We're here to stay. Over my dead body, etc etc. *g*

ETA: I've just looked at DW's Import function again and can see no way to easily import a community's contents (as of now), so that original idea was never going to fly anyway. *hands*
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