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Rough Diamond

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters or products named in this story.
Warning: This story contains mention of prostitution, group sex, violence, m/m orgies
and one wild raccoon.

Summary: Xander is a male prostitute. It is his chosen occupation and he is very
happy with it. One night he takes on a group of clients with a friend and things
do not go as planned. When his friend is found murdered, homicide is called in.
Spike is a brilliant detective with OCD issues. When he is told to hide out in the
woods with the witness to protect, he gets more than he could have imagined.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banners, the story idea and for holding my
hand during the writing.

Spike stood shivering. His brain was screaming at him so loudly that he
couldn't see or hear anything outside himself. All he knew was that
Xander had told him to wait. Xander would get this filth and contamination
off him before it soaked through his skin and ate away at the very organs
that kept his body alive and breathing.

Within minutes, Xander rushed back out. He had a steaming pan of water
in his hands and a rolled towel under his arm. When he unfolded it, he set
out the soap and a wash cloth. The minor point that this was not his oatmeal
soap skittered through his mind and immediately floated away.

With his hands on Spike's waist, Xander turned to pliant man around , indicating
that he should hold onto the back railing and bend over. Spike silently complied.
The smeared, drying shit was caked and crusted from the center of his back,
across his buttocks and down his legs. Xander could only wonder what the
hell had happened.

But, he decided, the facts of the story would wait for later. For now, Xander
would do what he could to relieve Spike's suffering and the instant the hot, cleansing
wash touched his back, Spike felt the tension start to ease and his mental
comprehension and awareness seep back in.

When the totality of the situation returned, he hung his head in shame as the
tears rolled down his face. Xander paused, then deciding diversion was
the path that would allow the man to retain some small fragment of pride,
Xander started to talk, keeping his voice light and cheerful.

"Hey, guess what? I found a deck of cards and a Monopoly game. Maybe
this evening we can play some poker, although it is a bit hard with just two. Oh,
and there's a radio!"

Spike knew what the boy was doing and he blessed him for it. Trying to keep
his voice stable and steady, he allowed himself to be turned, bent and twisted
as the gentle, thorough and compassionate bathing continued.

"A radio? Yeah, that's good. Some music would be nice. Does, does it have

"Nah, but I thought we might give your boy, Andrew a call later and see if he
wouldn't run some out."

With that established, the conversation lulled, but neither of them minded. It
had served it's purpose and both men felt their balance return. Spike snorted.
It was his job to protect his witness, yet the whole time they have been here,
Xander has been the one taking care of him.

Silently, Spike studied the boy, from his focused, concentrated face, down to
the capable hands that worked him so efficiently.
"How come you do so well out here, Xander? Have you been camping before?"

Xander smiled and continued to clean the scrapes and cuts on the thin, white legs.

"Nope, never been. I just know how to be adaptable. Growing up, there
was plenty of times we had our power shut off or didn't have enough to eat.
I learned early on that you have to be able to survive with what you have on hand.
After I got out on my own, I decided to live my way and not count on anyone
else to take care of me. I do all right."

Spike choked back a new round of tears at the thought of what Xander
considered 'doing all right'.

Finally, when he was as clean as he was going to get and the water was
as dirty, Xander dumped the pan over the edge of the porch and set it on the
floor. He then quickly unbuttoned his own shirt, removed it and tenderly slipped
it on Spike who sighed as the incredible warmth soaked into him.

"Come on, Spike. Let's go in. You need to get dressed and warmed by the fire
before you catch cold. Then we can call down to the village and your little
boy toy can bring us some supplies."

When they got inside, Spike went straight to the bedroom to dress and Xander
returned to the kitchen. He had set aside the pan of table scraps for Rocky
and was anxious to feed him. When he stepped into the clearing, Xander shook
the pan of food, causing it to rattle, all the time making clicking sounds
with his tongue.

The raccoon was nowhere to be found. Xander walked closer to the tree line
and repeated the action, punctuating it with a couple "Here Rocky's"
He was all but ready to give up, he noticed two beady eyes and a pointy nose
poke tenuously out from a cluster of wild flowers.

Xander's face broke into a grin and he eased closer, his hand and the food pan
extended before him.

"Hey, there you are. What's the matter? Come on. You know me. Come
on, Rocky. Xander's got food and you know you want it."

Rocky was hesitant. The food smelled delicious but after the traumatizing
experience he had just had, he wondered if all humans were that psychotic.
The one in the woods that he had just tried to be friends with had damn near
scared him to death. In fact he had just been on his way to the creek for a quick
bath when the smell of food had tempted him.

Slowly, cautiously, Rocky placed one foot in front of the other and moved
closer to the food. When he saw that everything appeared copasetic, he snatched
up a piece of apple, clicked and chatted his story of outrageous treatment, and
then shoved it in his mouth.

Xander laughed at the creatures odd antics. Whatever had caused his apprehension
had........then something broke Xander's thought. He sniffed. He looked.

"Oh, fuck!"

Rocky's lovely soft fur was now covered in a brown, crusty, dry layer of very
familiar smelling stench. In fact, Rocky's back and Spike's were almost identical.

Xander didn't need to be a detective to ascertain what had occurred. He
could easily ferret out the facts and it all added up to.....

"Rocky. What the fuck have you done?"

He set down the pan and moved away. As Rocky dove in, Xander slowly
stepped back and straightened up. He stared at the feeding and at Rocky and
despite his best efforts to squelch them, a series of comic, Keystone Cop pictures
flashed through his brain.

Now, Xander was not a religious man and truth was, he seldom thought about
a force greater than himself. But this was one of those times he did.
With both hands clamped firmly over his mouth, Xander prayed fervently.

'Please, God, don't let me laugh!'
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