Purged and Closed (pandaberryjam) wrote in bloodclaim,
Purged and Closed

Fic Search: Not Human!Xander

I'm looking for a general kind of fic, not too specific.

I've read a few non-human fics (namely Wooded Future, which I love) and a fair few more, and am hoping to find some good ones that might not be listed on Spander Files (since I've pretty much eaten up that category).

Can anyone reccomend Not Human fanfictions with either Xander not human or Spike turning into something different. I'd adore Winged!Fics if possible, but anything works really. And I'm not wanting anything atm where it's in a completely AU in which Xan was never human (i.e. I know there's a few fictions where Xan was a fallen angel). I'd just adore something where he woke up cursed, or changed, morphedect.

No Animal (Cat, Dog, Tiger, ect.) fiction either.

I'm also always a sucker for Vamp!Xander, but am not sure there's much left of that I haven't read...


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