MW (moonwolfahou) wrote in bloodclaim,

Hi all,

Ive been a spander fan for a long time.  so long infact that I had moved around the world of slash fandoms and back again! ;) 
I am trying to find a lot of my old fav's and since Ive gone through about 3 computers since I first was a spander fanatic I dont have the locations of a lot of them.

The main one was this wonderful story about xander making up an excuse to stay with spike in the crypt so that he could spend a bit of time with him (and leave stuff behind or allow spike to 'steal' it).  It had a large plot line around a house the xander wanted to buy and do up but didnt have the money and spike arranged to buy it etc.
It would wonderful and sweet and in character (for early xander, not so much lader xander) and was really really fun and easy to read.

I was hoping someone could point me to it please......pretty pretty please!

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