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I try not to do this twice in one month but there's a fic on the edge of my memory that's driving me batty.

I read it what seems like forever ago and it was a wip. Two pairings, Spander (obviously) and Angel/Dawn .  In it demons are in power and humans are kept as servants/slaves. Angel, I belive is a prisoner, some kind of gladiator and Dawn is sent to care for him. Tara is in charge of her. She's like the 'head healer' or something.

Spike, I believe is actually a demon with some authority. Not a gladiator like Angel. Xander is a 'free' human. He is friends with Dawn and Tara and sneaks into see them and to steal food etc.  Spike spots him and decides he has to get him some of that. I think the last I read ended with Xander telling Spike to basically sod off and making his escape. Which makes Spike even more determined to have him.

If you haven't guessed it's completely, totally and utterly AU. No mention of slayers or a soul anywhere on Angel that I can recall.

Does anyone know of this one?
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