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Hellmouth Wars, Prologue

Hellmouth Wars: Episode 1, Lost and Found.
By: Wynna Pendragon
Rating: pg-13 (for now)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: mild OOC-ness, Original Character
Characters: BTVS, Angel
Summary: Set 5 years after 'Not Fade Away'. Two Jedi are charged with a mission, the gang meets up with a 'fallen' hero, and the sith come to join the party.

A Long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Dawn had just begun to lighten the Temple Gardens, awakening the many creatures sheltered within to begin their morning song. The air, slightly chilly, carried a gentle bite to refresh and rejuvenate the visitors. The emerald green grass was soft and springy, muffling the Jedi Master’s footsteps as he went to join his padawan's morning ritual of greeting the dawn. The moves were reminiscent of their many warm-up and lightsaber katas; some move even the highly trained Jedi didn't recognize, all rolled into a seamless ethereal dance that was relaxing to watch.
His padawan had been asked to teach the moves to many of the other padawan learners and their masters, his first student had been his own master. He had called this his Sun Salutation, not only to honor the dawn, but to empower oneself for the day ahead and be one with the force. It was an excellent exercise to not only warm-up their muscles and flexibility needed for their training , but the master had noticed how calm everything was.
As the Jedi Master approached the quiet glade in which he always found his padawan every morning, he marveled at the changes his charge under-went from just a night's rest alone. Lines of fatigue and stress had already begun to fade into a smooth, marble-like complexion. His color had wasted no time in returning, he could thank his padawan for that if not for his speedy recoveries. At any time during the day, he would bask in the sun's rays, which was a rather strange quirk the jedi master conceded. The Jedi Master knew he overindulged his padawan this, was in fact admonished about it by other masters and the Council, but taking his padawan's previous history into account, he could not begrudge him this one indulgence.
In all other aspects of his training however, he excelled far more than most padawans. it seemed as though he had a mind built for knowledge, would in fact keep studying until most couldn't see straight, a trait the master at one point became very concerned, and soon figured out that his padawan was not a normal sleeper. He could grasp many of the difficult lightsaber forms with the ease of a finely-tuned, and battle-honed warrior, only needed to be shown once. The perfect concentration and determination he exudes in his lightsaber training was very compelling to watch.
His padawan understood the Jedi Code, more so than most, whether it was due to his past or his unusual maturity; he used the force with the respect and awe it deserved, as if he had encountered this kind of power before. There was no doubt in the master's mind that there was more to his padawan than was first apparent, even after the ten years they had spent together. Yes, he would be a great jedi knight one day, the master knew. The only problem was--at this the master frowned.
The problem was that even though there was no doubt in the master's mind that his padawan would be a knight, his padawan was the only roadblock in that endeavor. He believed in the jedi, their code, and the force; but it was the simple fact that his padawan did not believe in himself, that his padawan can, will, and has done great good in the universe. Some had said it was great humility, but one had to believe and trust in oneself to live in this vast galaxy and do battle with the many hardships one was faces with everyday, faith could help only so much. That truth the master would take to his grave.
He could see so much of his younger self in his padawan, the need for approval, to do better and better. It was a good thing to see, the drive to succeed, but it had the potential to cause detrimental damage if left unchecked. In fact, it would have been addressed earlier in his life, but just like his master, he was not raised in the Jedi Temple. The master nodded, it would take time for his padawan to come into his own, and hopefully the mission they were about to embark on would be the first steps of achieving that goal.
The master was chagrined to find out he had been standing for the better part of fifteen minutes and not realizing. His padawan grinned, eyes closed as he finished his meditation, "Your thoughts are insistent today, master. Something you need to share?"
The master knelt across from his ward, "I was approached by the Council today, we are charged with another mission."
His padawan opened his eyes, brow furrowed, "So soon?"
"Our lives are not our own, Will. It seems as though there are great forces at work that need our attention. Tell me, are you up to it?"
"If that's a way of asking how I feel...I am fine, master. I did not realize how much a toll the past few weeks have taken on me until we arrived back here. I hope the Council is not displeased with my performance."
The master snorted, "If the Council is displeased, the can just be displeased. You have done fine, I could not ask for anything better from you. The years have been kind to me, I have a student that does not turn me prematurely gray."
"What is the mission, master? I sense a disturbance in the force."
"Its complicated padawan. We are going to Terra."

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