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Hard Times for Spike and Xan chapter 8 
18th-May-2009 02:06 am
by me, Blood, Love
Chapter 8
Title: Hard Times for Spike and Xan   
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 8/?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Xander and Spike's lives spin out of control. How do they fix it?
Warning: male/male sex
Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS or any of the characters.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. In this one, Warped plays Spike and Nightmare plays Xander (its usually the opposite). This was also Nightmare’s first rp EVER.


It was about an hour later when Xander woke up. Realizing he wasn’t where he fell asleep, he froze. He slowly opened his eyes to see where he was. The first thing he saw/felt, was Spike on top of him. 'He must of brought us in here. Did he carry me all the way to bed after all that happened today?' He was a little peeved that the vampire would exert himself like that just after an injury.

After removing an arm from under the dead body on top of him, he started to check Spike's head, making sure that the gash was healing. It was still tender, but not bleeding anymore, and was stitching itself up after Xan's stitching.

Spike let out a small moan and moved, almost trying to get closer to his love. His arm moved around Xander's body and held them tight together, and he nuzzled his head into Xander's chest as he started to purr loudly.

'I always wanted to cuddle Xander like this. It is very comfortable.'

Xander started to laugh while the vampire purred away like there was no tomorrow. Wrapping his arms around him, he cuddled as close to Spike as he could, just like the vampire was doing to him.

"Love you, Baby,” he whispered as he kissed his head. "Wish I could purr." he mumbled. Envious that Spike could show his content and happiness in such a way.

Spike blinked a little as he stretched and looked at Xander, "Love you too pet." he tried not to yawn as he smiled up at him. 'I feel like I am a pansy here. All lovey dovey. I think we need some pain, or something.' He snorted, as he looked at Xander sadly, almost a little worriedly. 'I don't know if I could ever hurt him, but... I think he needs to beat some sense into me.' He chewed on his bottom lip nervously.

Seeing the nervous look on his face, Xander leaned up and kissed Spike deeply. Once again, as he pulled away, he took Spike's lower lip with him. After letting it go he leered and said, "From now on, its my job to bite that lip." He leaned back in and did it again. Once his head was back on the pillow, he addressed the matter at hand. "What’s the matter? Is it your head?"

Spike shook his head. "I can't," he choked out, looking away from Xander and getting ready to get off the bed, "I can't do that to you." He gasped, shaking his head furiously. "You’re good. If you do that, you will change. I don't want you changed. You’re my Xan, my Xan and you can't change." He looked at the brunette, almost scared. "I... need you to... beat sense into me. I need... to be... forced to submit to you. But, I can't do that to you," he whispered sadly.

Xander tightened his grip on the vamp, sensing that he wanted to flee. "Wow, wow, wow. You're not going anywhere. We deal with stuff together, remember? No matter what it is."

'Beat him? Submit to me? I must of heard wrong... Alex! Tell me what Spike really said.'

Alex was a little worried about where this was going. 'You heard him right, Xan. I just don’t really get why he said it.'

'Oh God.' Xander sat up and pulled Spike into his lap. "Now, before I freak out, you wanna explain the whole 'beat sense into me' deal? And the 'submit' to me one too. Don’t really want you to 'submit', Spike."

Spike looked down, "I feel ashamed. I know you wouldn't do something like that." He sighed quietly, and refused to meet Xander's gaze.

'Will, I need help.'

'I don't know how. I am a submissive anyways; maybe I am being channeled into you a little more than normal... I don't know.'

Spike looked at Xander with a pitiful expression, "Will, he told me he was always submissive and I may be channeling some of him into me. I just… my demon wants proof that you can take care of my needs, all of them. He wants to be shown you can fight back... But, I don't know if you are willing to do that. And I don't want to make you," he whispered the last sentence.

"Don’t feel ashamed, Spike. I know that things work differently with vampires then humans. So... Your demon thinks... that if I... beat you... it shows that I can take care of you? That... seems a bit backwards. What if we just go out and I stake a fledge or something?"

'This is getting kinda weird.'

'Yea but we have to keep in mind that he's a VAMPIRE. He needs different things then us, Xan.'

'Yeah, I know. But...'

Spike looked down, "Yeah, see that is exactly it. You have to be rough with me to prove you can take care of a demon..." he sighed, not knowing how to describe it.

'I think I am just gonna give up and not explain it to him.'

'Just try Spike.'

"You... don't beat me like... ‘til I am bleeding and all that, you just have to rough me up, or do me hard to prove to my demon you can take care of me, you prove to my demon that you can be dominant." He closed his eyes, 'I feel horrible cause i know he is my submissive...'

William spoke up, 'Well... if you bring me out, and he brings out Alexander, that fits good and he can do the rough up stuff with me to prove it to you...'

Spike blinked, and then he told Xander what William told him.

'Well?' Xander wanted to know what Alex thought before he brought him out.

'I have to be rough with William?' Alex could do rough, sure, but with William?

'It was his idea.' If William suggested it, then he was ok with it, right?

'I'll talk to him I guess.' With that Alexander took over.

"Hey, Wil." He gave a pathetic attempt at a smile.

William blinked, blushed and looked down, "Hello Alexander." He gave a sad smile. "I'm sorry we had to meet again on these terms. I knew you could do rough, but I don't know if you are able to show and still have Spike here and not me..." he trailed off, "Do you know what I mean?"

'I think he might, but if he doesn't you just have to, explain it a little better, more in depth.'

'Right right. Okay.'

William gently held Alex's hand while he gave a small smile.

Alex smiled back and squeezed Wil's hand. "I'm not too sure I get it. You mean that you think Spike and I should do this?"

'Don’t you dare!' Xander seemed a little worried.

'Relax, Xan. Trust me, I don’t want Spike,' he chuckled at the fact that Xander was a little offended at this.

He cupped Wil's face with his free hand. "I don’t want Spike, Wil. I want you." He leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. "Only you."

William whimpered into the kiss, moving closer happily, his body thrumming with pleasure. He pulled back, "How are we going to do this then? Do you want to do it to me?" he whispered shyly, looking up at Alex through his lowered lashes.

'Pet... can you tell Alex to tell Xander I only want him.'

William sighed, "Also, Xander... Spike only wants you too." He smiled at Alex, giving him a peck on the lips.

Xander heard what William said. 'God I miss him already.'

'Yea Yea. I know. You wanna get lost while I just fuck Wil's brains out?' He laughed out loud, knowing this would gross Xander out.

'I'm gone!' Xander quickly retreated.

Alex led Wil to lie down on the bed while kissing him deeply. Lying on top of him, he thrust, feeling that Wil was just as hard. "Fuck, Wil." he moaned as he pulled out of the kiss. "Think it would work better if I did you. Don’t you think?" He removed both his and Wil's clothes, not wanting to waist time. He paused to look down at the man under him. "You're beautiful. You know that?" He dove down and started to suck on a nipple, pinching the other, while he slid their cocks together.

William blushed, then let out a low groan as Alex took a nipple into his mouth, "Ooh! N-no, no one ever told me I was, except for you." He whimpered, his body shaking a little from the excitement.

'Spike... please go. I don't want you to... feel any of this.'

'Bloody hell, I was just... enjoying the show!' Spike growled but disappeared.

William ran his fingers through Alex's hair, and gasped, "Yes. Right when I saw you I wanted you."

Alex released the nipple with an audible pop. "Wanted you too, Cutie. I also wanted to do this."

He moved down Wil's body, kissing as he went. When he reached Wil's leaking member he leered up at the man. Still starring him in the eyes, he stuck out his tongue and licked the head, gathering the pre-cum on his tongue. "Mmmmmmm. God, you taste good." With that he lowered his head and took Wil into his mouth, sucking lightly and moaning at the taste.

William looked down at Alex in shock, "No, Aleeex." he cried out as he was taken into his mouth, "Mmm, please?" He begged, his body arching as his hand reached down and ran through Alex's hair. He looked heavenward. "This must be an incredible dream, so perfect," he gasped as his eyes closed from so much pleasure by Alex's wicked tongue. "Make love to me," he whispered, not knowing if Alex heard it or not, he only thought he was thinking it, not saying it out loud.

Alex heard what William said and released his cock, moving up to kiss him with as much love as possible. "Always. I love you, William." He reached into the nightstand and pulled out the lube he knew was there.

He slicked his fingers and took Wil's member back into his mouth. He rubbed one lubed finger against Wil's opening and, simultaneously, he swallowed all of Wil down and pushed his finger in.

William cried out from shock, he didn't know whether to jerk up into Alex's mouth, or sink down onto his finger more. "G-god! Yes... please, more please," he begged, moving back and forth, his pleasure being heightened. "I love you Alexander," he whimpered as he gasped. His hand reached down more, but pulled back up, not sure if he should touch him or not. "Please... I am getting too close, please I'm ready."

Alex chuckled around the cock in his mouth and then pulled up. "No you’re not, Cutie. Trust me, you want to be prepared or its gonna hurt like hell." He removed the finger and added another before pushing in. Instead of blowing him, he kissed Wil's thighs, not wanting him to cum just yet.

William's toes were curling as he slowly gyrated so his body lowered onto Alex's fingers. He opened his eyes and stared at Alexander with eyes full of lust, love and trust. He reached a hand down and grabbed Alexander's and held it still while he moved harder and faster down on the fingers, almost looking like a wanton slut begging for more. He watched Alex's reactions to all of this, to see if he liked to watch his fingers being moved in and out of Wil's body.

"God, I could cum just from watching this." Realizing that they had to hurry or he really WOULD cum, Alex pulled his hand out of Wil's grip. He removed the two fingers and added a third, pressing them into Wil, who opened for them. "Yea, Wil. Take them. Good boy." He was panting hard now and was humping Wil's leg, lightly.

Deciding Wil was ready; he reached for the lube again and coated his cock liberally. He removed his fingers and moved into position. Looking Wil in the eyes, he whispered, "I love you," while sliding in.

William cried out a little as he lifted his leg and slowly moved it up over Alex's shoulder. He had only bottomed a few times in his life, but this, this was the most intense, and yet the most intimate.

Secretly Spike watched, wanting to know what it would be like. Since he and Xander haven't had sex yet, he wanted to feel it, to see what it would be like for Xander to take him.

William whimpered as he wrapped his arms around Alex's neck, moving up and kissing his lips tenderly, "Make me yours." His hole automatically clenched around Alexander's thick cock, "Claim me," he whispered.

"Wil!" Alex cryed out when Wil clenched around his member. He started violently thrusting in to the man under him, not being able to control himself after what Wil said. Panting hard through clenched teeth, Alex lower his body on top of Wil's trapping his cock between them. He started to lick at the neck so temptingly stretched out for him. "You're mine, Wil! You feel my cock in you? Feel me fucking you? This is the last cock you'll ever feel, Cutie. You're mine and mine alone. No one else will have you like this!" Feeling close to the edge, he angled his hips to hit Wil's prostate with every thrust. Also feeling a primal instinct bubble up, he leaned in and bit harshly at Wil's neck, making sure to do the opposite side to Xanders.

Wil gasped and moaned loudly, his hips moving against Alex's hard. "No one else. I promise. I will only be yours." His body felt so sensitized, Alex's stomach trapping his cock in between them made him want to buck up, to stroke it more, but push down to get more of that hot cock that was prodding and stroking his prostate. His body couldn't control his movements so his clenching kept moving rhythmically around Alex's erection. He panted as he felt sweat roll down his chest and temple, the smell of sex filling the room.

The feeling of drowning while having sex was a new thing to Alexander. He felt like if he didn’t cum soon he would drown in Wil's essence. With renewed vigor, he started to pound into Wil even harder, loving the feel of the man clenching around him. "Cum for me Wil!" he yelled as he thrust his cock as deep as he could, shooting, what felt like, his life through his dick. Cumming so hard it hurt was also a new thing, but he loved it. Loved Wil.

William listened to the sounds they made as they made love... had sex... both? It didn't matter to Wil because he knew he would be with Alex forever. When Alex told him to cum in that tenor voice, dripping with lust, love, and power, it mad Wil lose it. He came, and he came so hard it went past his head and hit the pillows, covering him and Alex in his cool spunk. His body was tensed as he arched as he orgasmed, his hole clenching around Alex's softening cock. He whimpered as he felt the slight burn inside from where his brunette lovers cum spread in his hole. His site was graying at the edges so he had a feeling he would pass out soon, so he looked Alexander in the eyes, and smiled, "I love you so much." He let out a sigh and fainted, the pleasure, the intensity all too much for him.

Feeling his softened cock slip out of Wil on a wave of his cum made him shiver. He looked down at the passed out man under him and laughed. 'Hey, Xan! I made him pass out!' he gloated.

Carefully Xander came back. 'You’re done right?'

'Yep. Just gotta clean up.' He jumped off the bed and retrieved a wet washcloth. After cleaning himself and Wil, and as much of the bed as he could without changing the sheets, he laid down.

'Mind if I fall asleep? You'll be in control when we wake up, promise.'

'Sure' Xander understood Alex's need to fall asleep with his love in his arms.

Alex spooned behind Wil and pulled him into his arms. He kissed the bare shoulder before him and whispered, "Love you, Cutie" before falling asleep.



18th-May-2009 03:48 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! I do love this fic. Thank you so much for sharing this great and hot and emphatetically written chapter.
18th-May-2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
O.o are you being sarcastic?
19th-May-2009 03:26 pm (UTC)
NO! Really not! Sometimes I'm but not in this case. That was just enthusiasm!

Sorry! *wavesfriendly*

19th-May-2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
Dont be sorry, I'm just surprised!
19th-May-2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
Maybe it's because I'm a stranger with this language. Sorry again. Shouldn't I use the word emphatetically?
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