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Delurking as I can't find this fic anywhere

A know I bookmarked it but I can't seem to find it. It's Spander and Xander and Spike are living together and the bit I remember the most is that Willow knows that Xander likes Spike and is giving Spike a shoulder rub in the kitchen and Xander hears them and can't believe that willow would do that to him (thinking that there is more then a shoulder rub going on) but it was just a shoulder rub and then Xander gives spike one but has to stop as he gets excited and fears that Spike will work out that he likes him... is that vague enough for you all.

I know that it is set after willow goes all big bad as Spike and her bond about getting over being evil and dealing with what you have done. I also think that Spike is working as a bouncer and at some stage might have come home with a black eye and Xander makes him put a steak on it but not sure about that part.

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