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Fic Search

Hey all,

I got in a mood to read one of my favorite Spander AU's, but when I went looking on Spander files I couldn't find it.  I mean I turned the site upside down.  I've graduated from the hair-pulling stage and am now officially worried that this is a dreaded 'lost fic'.

Problem is, I can't remember the title or the author, just the plot. :P

It's an epic AU, set in a universe where vampires are either consorts of gladiators. Spike is a sort of geisha/companion who hires Xander for protection. Xander also maintains Spike's gardens.  This is also crossed over with AtS and Firefly to a small degree (Inara shows up several times). There's a substantial subplot with Angel, Wes, and Fred (also AU of course). There's also a lot of awesome Japanese-inspired fanart for this story.

I know somebody here at Bloodclaim is bound to know where this is, or at least what happened to it.

Help me, Bloodclaimers.  You're my only hope.

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